Indian Defense Sector Stocks

Podcast Duration: 08:09
Dosto agar aap stock market mein continuously profitable rehna chahte ho, toh diversified portfolio ki zaroorath hoti hain.

Portfolio toh aapke collection of stocks hain aur diversified yaani alag alag stocks. In simple words it is smarter to have stocks belonging to companies operating in various industries.

Toh portfolio mein alag alag stocks kyun lena chahiye? Basically, alag alag stocks kyun khareedna chahiye?

Kyunki isse you can mitigate your risks yaani ke kam daam mein adhik labh milega. You can be somewhat sure that aapko apne portfolio ke kisi na kisi stock me se profits mil hi jayega.

For example soch lo ki, aapne infrastructure, healthcare, IT, banking, industrial, energy aur defense saari sectors mein se ek ya do company ka stock khareedh liya hain. Ho sakta hain ki energy aur IT ke stock prices mein zyaada movement nahi ho rahi hain aur aapko inse kam profits mil raha hain. Ho sakta hain ki stock price aapke buy price se kam ho gaya hain. Losses are after all a reality on the stock market. Lekin ussi vakt defense, healthcare aur banking waale stock prices mein acchi increase hota hain. Your profits can easily exceed your losses, resulting in earnings.

Defense stocks profitable hoti hain kyunki inko government ke taraf se Ministry of Defense waale projects ke dvaara har saal orders mil hi jata hain. Yeh orders gaadiyan, ammunition, spare parts aur major repairs ke liye hote hain. Kahi stock market-listed companies ko Ministry of Defense ke saath agreement rehte hain. Because of these agreements and the fact that the government does have requirements annually, we can be somewhat sure ke inn companies ko zaroor earnings aur growth hoga.

…. Lekin….How can I be so sure that the government or more specifically, the Ministry of Defense, will have requirements annually? Yeh soch rahe ho right? Well, current global political scenario mein, not only India but most countries, are upgrading their weapons and reinforcements. Border tightening requires more vehicles and of course, ammunition to protect soldiers. Yeh sab soch samaj ke it is safe to predict that the government will do business with defense sector stock listed companies.

2020 mein bhi defense stocks ke liye kaafi potential hain. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ne apne budget speech mein bathaya hain ki defense ke liye rupees 3.35 laakh karod budget diya ja raha hain. Isme se 1.18 lakh karod outlay projects ke liye budget kiya gaya hain. Yeh budget defense sector stocks ke liye khush khabbari hain. As and when projects are announced, the stock prices of these companies are likely to rise on account of "good news". It is a good idea to invest in stocks that are showing healthy graphs - buy in before the stock prices increase. Phir sit back and wait for a price increase - price jab increase hoti, stocks ko bhech kar asaani se profits karma sakte hain isme koi doubt nahi. Aap soch rahe honge ki how to anticipate a price rise? Easy! Usually large government orders are widely covered in the news.

Aap news mein inn orders aur agreements ke bare mein jaankari milegi lekin which companies to watch for and what orders exactly to watch for right? Fikar mat karo, it is a lot less complicated than it seems. Maine apne dosto ke liye list banaya hain, poore details ke saath. Dont worry dont worry, I have kept it short and sweet. A snapshot in 30 seconds. Seriously suniye aur notes and pointers bhi likh lijiye.

Ashok Leyland - Yeh hain Indian Army ka sabse bada supplier of vehicles. You need to watch for any news related to orders placed by the Indian Army to Ashok Leyland.

Astra Microwave - jo supply karte hain microwave-based high value radio frequency super components. Previous example ke hi jaise, keep an eye out (nahi toh Google alert set karo) for relevant news based on keywords like Astra Microwave and MoD.

Bharat Forge - suna hain ki inko artillery guns ki order mil sakta hain. Actually abhi toda technical discussions chalu hain.

BEML - because it supplies ground support equipment. Short term mein BEML ki profits kam ho sakti hai lekin experienced traders bolte hai ki it has potential for long term growth.

Bharat Electronics - communications equipment supply karte hai. This includes radars and other military communications.

Bharat Dynamics - yeh hain ek government enterprise that supplies the MoD with missiles, torpedoes and allied defense equipment.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited - HAL ka MoD agreement cover karta hai design, manufacture and assembly of aircraft, helicopters, jet engines and spare parts.

Larsen & Toubro - MoD aur L&T ka agreement cover kartha hain design, development, construction aur assembly of arms, armaments aur submarines bhi.

Reliance Naval & Engineering - jinke pass hain warship repair agreement.

Rolta India - it provides the MoD with geospatial solutions.

Walchandnagar Industries - In ke agreement ke hishab se, it supplies the government with missiles and platform-based equipment, launchers, portable bridges and gear-boxes.

To ab aapko clear picture hain ki market mein kaun kaunsi stocks available hain aur in ke potential kaise predict karna chahiye. Very good.

But main thoda aur gyaan dena chahta hou jo bahut important hain. Defense stocks potentially profitable rehta hain lekin like everything related to the stock market, dost, profits are not a sure thing.

Informed aur sahi decision lene ke liye aapko indicators aur technical charts check karne ki zaroorath hai. Expert advise bhi kabhi waste nahi hoti.

I am sure that aap humare guidelines sun ke bade excited hoge. Confident bhi rahoge. Dost, confidence toh acchi baath hain lekin please, overconfident mat raho aur ghai mat karo. Precautionary measures nahi bhoolna chahiye. Pehli bath, interesting stocks ko thodi der ke liye insecure boyfriend ke jaise follow karo aur most important, stock kharedhne ya bhechne ke pehle stop loss set kar lo.

Boss, if you are listening to this podcast I am sure that you already have a trading account. Be sure to choose a broker that allows you to build a watchlist - trading platform pe defense stocks ki kayi options rehne chahiye. For example, Angel One app pe aapko on the go saari sectors ke stock options mil jayegi. Is ke alava expert advice, moving averages jaisi indicators, 15-minute, hourly aur daily technical charts ka bhi access milaga. App toh free hain aur brokerage charges highly competitive hain.

To dosto, yadi aap profit kamana chahte ho to samey aa gaya hai socho, samjho aur invest karo.