How To Invest In Nifty

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नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

Iss podcast par hum NIFTY ke baare mein charcha karenge. India mein equities trade karne ke liye NIFTY ke baare mein jaan na zaroori hai. Kaafi traders ka stock market mein pehla step NIFTY mein invest karna hota hai. Therefore, NIFTY can be like a reliable portal to the dynamic world of finance. But what makes NIFTY trustworthy?

Nifty is short for National Stock Exchange FIFTY. National Stock Exchange, also known as NSE, is one of the two stock exchanges in India. The other is BSE. Both of these exchanges have an index that combines the most active shares into a single financial product. For BSE, this index is called SENSEX. For NSE, this index is called NIFTY.

NIFTY is an index that includes the 50 most active shares of the market. Koii stock ka NIFTY mein include hona, ya phir NIFTY se nikal jaana, uss company ke market capitalization par depend karta hai. A company’s market capitalization is the simple product of the price of its stock multiplied by its total outstanding shares in the market.

Har stock ka value har din badalta hai - aur companies kaafi baar new stocks issue karti hai ya phir buy-back programs ke through market mein apne stocks kam karti hai. Therefore, companies ka market capitalization day-to-day basis par vary karta hai.

Isleye companies NIFTY index se nikalti rehti hai, aur new companies iss index mein apni jagah banati rehti hai. For example, pichle saal September mein Indiabulls ka NIFTY se exit hua tha, aur Nestle India ka NIFTY mein entry.

NIFTY mein invest karna aasaan hai. Nifty mein invest karne ke do tareeke hai - ya toh aap NIFTY se linked derivatives khareed sakte hai, ya toh aap NIFTY se linked mutual funds mein invest kar sakte hai.

NIFTY se do kisam ke derivatives linked hai: options and futures. NIFTY options will give you the right to buy, or sell a NIFTY contract at the strike price before the expiry date. Expiry date, strike price aur baaki important information aako NIFTY options khareedne se pehle milti hai. On an intuitive trading platform like Angel One, aapko sab important information aankho ke samne saaf-saaf dikhti hai.

NIFTY options aur NIFTY futures mein ek important farak hai: NIFTY futures put upon you the obligation to buy or sell NIFTY contracts before the expiry date. For a new trader, it is better to start with options kyunki options ke saath aapko zyada wriggle room milta hai. Futures mein galti ki koii gunjaaish nahi rehti.

NIFTY mein invest karne ka doosra tareeka hai Nifty linked mututal funds mein invest karna. Mutual funds aapke financial goals aur risk-apetites ko dhyan mein rakhke aapke liye personalized portfolios banate hai. Par agar aapka mutual fund NIFTY se linked hai, then it is less actively managed than other mutual funds. The firm that offers the mutual fund has to devote fewer resources to maintain your fund and that’s why the annual maintenance fee, also known as the expense ratio, is quite low. Therefore, NIFTY linked mutual funds are cheaper than other mutual funds that are more actively managed. For the risk-averse investor looking for an affordable option, a NIFTY linked mutual fund is a great place to start.

NIFTY index ka utar-chadav bahut factors par depend karta hai. NIFTY includes 50 stocks from 13 different sectors - inn individual companies ka growth, phir individual sectors mein demand aur supply ka khel etc jaise factors NIFTY ko roller-coaster ki tarah upar aur neeche le jaate hai. Government announcements also have a direct and significant impact on NIFTY. NIFTY ka highest single day jump last year hua tha jab government ne corportate tax cuts announce kiye the. NIFTY gained more than 600 points on the same day. The next day, NIFTY gained more than 400 points again!

Weekly ups and downs ke beyond dekha jaaye toh NIFTY ke long-term returns are very impressive. The tables that show yearly growth, and 5-year growth, are always green. This is why NIFTY is the most traded financial contract not only in India - but in the whole world.

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