How To Decode A Research Report

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नमस्कार मित्रो। एंजेल वन के इस podcast में आपका स्वागत है ।

Aaj kal log har cheez khareedne se pehle research karte hai. Mobile phones, laptops, ghar, gaadi...every purchase is preceded by a background check. Why should stocks be any different? Things like cars and phones depreciate in value over time - aur ye baat hum accept karte hai. They are still of value to us because they make a bunch of tasks very easy. A stock, on the other hand, is supposed to appreciate in value over time. Isleye stocks purchase karne se pehle aur bhi zyada thorough background checks karne chahiye.

The best way to do a background check on an equity is to read a research report on it. Research reports should be read for two reasons.

A) Research reports are written by highly skilled analysts. Research reports ek aam aadmi ke liye bahut saare financial terms simply karti hai. To an amateur, the stock market can feel like a maze. Start karte waqt bahut saare false trails aur dead ends ka saamna karna padta hai. Aisi situation main ek research report aapke liye ek map ka role play kar sakti hai. It can show you the path to profitability.

B) Good research reports are clear and balanced. Research reports ye clearly batate hai ki given equity mein long position lena chahiye ya nahi. A research report will also tell you what is the right time frame in which its recommendation is active. Think of any stock market recommendation like a perishable consumer good: it has an expiry date. But even if a research report recommends that you buy a stock, it will tell you the risks associated with it as well.

Humne iss podcast par aksar bola hai ki har sikke ke do pehlu hote hai. But the stock market is more like a dice - anything related to it atleast has 6 sides if not more. A good research report will try to cover as many sides as possible.

There are two types of research reports: fundamental reports, and technical reports. Fundamental reports are for long-term value investors - if you believe in finding good companies with strong business fundamentals and sticking to them for a long time, then you should bread fundamental reports.

Par agar aap day trader hai, ya phir aap short-term fluctuations se profit kamana chahte hai, toh aapko technical reports padni chahiye. A technical report will break down the recent trend of the company's stock price, and tell you which direction the price is likely to go in the near future.

If you're investing for the long-term, you should look at the changes in a company's shareholding patterns. Aapko credible brokerage firms ki research reports main ye information zaroor milega. A lot of institutional investors among the shareholders suggests that the company has a stable long-term future.

A lot of brokerage firms offer free research reports - but the best ones are often behind a paywall. Aap toh jaante hi hai ki there is no such thing as a free lunch - aur phir a good research report can be like a great investment, as it may help you make many times more than the price you paid for the timely information and analysis inside it! No matter how well-researched a report is, always get a second opinion, always keep your long-term goals in mind, and then invest!

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