How to apply for IPO using UPI ID?

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Hello doston. Angel One ke is podcast mein aapka swagat hai.

Doston share market mein very often naye shares add hote hain. Ye shares aate hain un companies se, jo for the very first time apne business ko external investors ke liye open karti hain.

Ek din, newspaper padhte hue Shaina ne dekha ki ek company ke shares offer ho rahe hain, for the very first time.

Shaina ne is company ki ads apne state mein kai jagah par dekhi thi. Recently, usne observe kiya ki ye company naye towns mein business open kar rahi hai. Ye ek grocery company thi, aur ye company sabhi technologies ka use karke retail market ka landscape change kar rahi thi.

Shaina wanted to buy the stocks of this company, kyunki according to her, ye company fast growth ke track par thi, and she was certain, ki iska business nationally expand hone wala hai.

Toh fir kya tha. Shaina ne thodi research ki, aur usne realise kiya, ki she can do this with her UPI ID. Sounds interesting, right friends? Don’t you want to know how this is possible? Let’s show you step-by-step. But before that, check out what IPO means for the company and investors alike.

Do you know how they say Don’t buy shares, invest in the business. IPO ke time pe it is very important to remember this. IPO se basically company apna business external investors ke liye open karti hai. When buying shares during an IPO, it is important to thoroughly vet the details about the company’s business, how it fares with the competitors, and if there are any major changes occurring in the industry or sector. For example, agar aap ek can manufacturing business mein invest kar rahe ho, aur ye company thousands of workers employ karti hai. Saath hi, aapne dekha ki duniya bhar mein car industry mein automatic manufacturing se companies billions of dollars save kar rahe hain. Aise scenario mein what do you do?

Ye nai company strong growth dikha rahi hai, par long-term mein ye business sustain nahi ho sakta, kyunki others are already doing the same business better, right?

Toh friends, before buying shares through an IPO, company ko fully analyse karke hi aage ke steps lein.

Toh are you ready to know how to participate in an IPO using your UPI ID?

Let’s get to it right away!

Sabse pehle, download and install any app having UPI 2.0 enabled

Iske baad aapko banana hai ek UPI ID and m PIN for the bank account that is linked to your demat and trading account

Next aapko karna hai Login, to the stock broker’s app. Then go to the IPO menu.

Fir, choose the IPO of your choice from the ones open for subscription

Then Check the details of the IPO like opening and closing dates, issue size, lot size and read the DRHP carefully

Are you with me friends? Toh dekhte hain next step.

Provide the UPI id of the bank account linked to your trading and demat account Fir aapko Specify karna hai the number of lots you want to bid for If you want to subscribe at the cut-off price, toh click on the checkbox against cut-off price For placing a bid at any other price, enter the price in the space provided Iske baad aapko ek agreement milega. Isko dhyaan se padh lein, and don’t miss on any of the details. If you agree with the terms, then click on I agree.

Form submission ke baad, you will get a mandate request in the UPI app After accepting the mandate, funds equal to the number of lots subscribed will be blocked in the account If your bid is successful and you receive an allotment, funds are deducted from the bank account and shares are credited to the demat account. But if the shares are not allotted to you, the blocked amount will be released on the date of allotment.

Simple and elegant, isn’t it? Friends, ye nai payment aur stock market technologies mein jo recent breakthroughs hue hain, isse stock market aaj kal bahut accessible ho gaya hai, aur simple bhi. You can now trade from anywhere, anytime, at your own terms. Aur stock market ke around itna ample knowledge hai, ki proper research karke koi bhi informed investments kar sakta hai.

Toh doston, aaj ke podcast mein itna hi. Hope that you enjoyed this podcast.

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Until the next time, goodbye from angel broking, and have a great day ahead!