How are the IPOs of 2020 performing now? Find out here.

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How are the IPOs of 2020 performing now? Voice Over- Hello friends and welcome to another exciting podcast by Angel broking. Doston aaj hum 2020 ke IPOs ke baare mein charcha karenge. Jab bhi koi naya IPO aane wala hota hai, to market mein iss per bahut charcha hoti hai. IPO ka issue price kya hoga? Kya iss IPO mein invest karna chahiye ya nahi? Chaliye dekhte hain 2020 mein jin companies ka IPO hua, unka ab kya haal hai. While investing it's important to have a long-term view. Therefore it's useful to go back to companies whose IPOs made big headlines last year and see how they are performing today. In this podcast we will discuss companies like SBI cards, route mobile, Angel broking Gland Pharma, happiest minds, mazagon dock shipbuilders, and some more. Chaliye start karte hain SBI cards se. SBI cards ek payment solution provider hai. SBI cards 1998 mein start hua tha aur iss company ki parent organisation hai SBI. SBI cards ka headquarters gurugram mein hai aur iss company ke pass 3000 se jyada employees hai. SBI cards kafi bada IPO tha, aur uska listing price 658 rupees tha. Magar SBI cards Ka IPO coronavirus pandemic ke chalte chalte hua. Isiliye IPO hone ke bad hi share price gir Gaya. The lowest point in SBI cards stock market history has been around 509 rupees. Over the last one year this company has gained market value. If you bought the company at its lowest point you could have doubled your investment by this point. While recording this podcast SBI cards share price was 933 rupees. This is almost double its all time low. Chaliye Route mobile ke IPO ke baad iss company ka performance dekhte hain. Route Mobile ek telecom company aur cloud platform hai jo 2004 mein shuru ki gai thi. Route Mobile ek waqt per UK mein 2nd fastest growing Indian company thi. 2020 mein Route mobile next fortune 500 category mein apni jagah banane mein Safal Hui. Route mobile ko best governed company ka bhi puraskar mil chuka hai. Jab 2020 main route mobile ka IPO hua to uska listing price 717 rupaye tha. Aaj Route mobile ka share price 1700 se upar hai. IPO ke waqt Route mobile mein jinhone invest Kiya unhone acche gains register kiye honge. India mein telecom sector bahut tezi se badh Raha hai aur Route mobile is sector ke kuchh chamakte sitaron mein se hai. 2020 mein happiest minds technologies limited ka bhi IPO hua tha. Happiest minds ek IT company hai aur iska headquarters Bangalore mein hai. Happiest minds ka business UK se USA, Australia se middle-east tak faila hua hai. Happiest minds ka slogan hai “born digital born agile”. Happiest minds artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, robotics jaisi nai technologies ka use karke companies ko manufacturing, retail, transport, E-Commerce, aur R&D jaise verticals mein madad karti hai. Happiest minds ka listing price 351 tha, aur aaj happiest minds ka share price 910 hai. This is very close to happiest mind’s all time high which is 954 rupees. We are currently in the middle of an IT boom and covid-19 pandemic has given the sector an additional boost. If you are looking to invest in companies which are riding the information technology wave then happiest minds might be an interesting option to look at. The company's motto is “the mindful IT company” and it's known for taking decisions in a thoughtful and reasoned manner. 2020 mein mazagon dock shipbuilders ka bhi IPO hua tha. Yah company 1934 mein shuru ki gai thi aur yeh Indian Navy ke liye warships aur submarines banati hai. Is company ke pass 8000 se jyada employees hai aur iska revenue 5000 crores se jyada hai. At the time of listing the company's price was 168 rupees. Today the company's share price is 255 rupees. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders ek public sector company hai, aur iska headquarters Bombay mein hai. Is company ka operating income, net income, aur total assets kaafi salon se badh raha hai. Other than warships and submarines, this company also builds tankers, platform supply vessels, and patrol boats. If you are looking to invest in a company with an active presence in defence and transport, then mazagon dock shipbuilders can be an interesting option to look at. In 2020 burger King India also had its IPO. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, fast food companies faced one challenge and one opportunity. The challenge was that fast food outlets were closed down due to the lockdown. The opportunity was that people were ordering from home and this could be a sticky habit if properly cultivated. Burger King India is one of the biggest fast food chains in the country and is growing fast. Burger King India ka share price Aaj 155 rupaye hai. This is only a slight premium over burger King's closing price on its first day on the stock market, which was 138 rupees. 2020 mein Angel broking ka bhi IPO hua tha. Angel broking ka listing price 275 ke aas paas tha aur aaj Angel broking ka share price 800 se upar hai. Ji han - listing ki date se Aaj Tak Angel broking ka share price lagbhag 3 Guna bada hai. Stock market investments have very low penetration in India and fintech companies like Angel broking are changing this. Angel broking makes it very simple to invest in stocks, commodities, mutual funds, bonds, derivatives and other financial assets. Next, let's talk about gland Pharma. Gland Pharma 1978 mein shuru ki gai thi aur Aaj ek Chinese company Fosun Pharma ki subsidiary hai. Gland Pharma ka headquarters Hyderabad mein hai aur yeh company advanced aur complex injectables banati hai. Gland Pharma ka listing price 1700 jitna tha aur aaj gland Pharma ka stock price 3000 se jyada hai. 2020 mein Pharma sector ne achcha perform Kiya hai or gland Pharma 2020 ka ek successful pharma IPO raha. Toh ab tak aap samajh hi gaye hongein ki IPOs kitne exciting ho saktein hain. 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