How Angel One’s Smart API can help take your advisory service to the next level

Podcast Duration: 05:37

Hello there! Welcome to this podcast by Angel One.

In India, starting a stock advisory was very easy before 2013, when SEBI introduced regulations which required advisors to register with SEBI. While these moves were taken in the interest of the stock market, investors, and to preserve integrity in cases where conflicts of interest could arise. Well, the move did make the stock market more reliable for those who are not very experienced with trading.

However, for some new entrants, stock markets remain confusing and unapproachable. Thanks to advisors like yourself, such investors could find some direction, and start investing in the stock market. In fact there are stories of people who become traders themselves, after being advised by trustworthy market experts over years.

That’s right. Stock market advisors play an important role in the market.

But imagine the scenario from the perspective of the potential investor, who comes to you for advice. In this hyper-competitive world, even small and mid sized businesses are becoming aware of customer experience, and customers are now looking for the smoothest ways to get things done.

Consider this from the perspective of your advisory practice. Have you ever given thought to what the next level of evolution of your advisory service might look like?

We are here to discuss exactly that - but in addition, we will also discuss roadmaps to actually making things happen, because innovations do not become real with merely empty talk, do they?

Then let’s start by looking at Keshav’s story, who went to a stock advisory service like yours, in order to understand the potential of investing his 10 lakhs in the stock market.

After a long period of deliberation and conversations with his friends, Keshav went to Mr Rajesh, who was an experienced and famous investor in his city - he was famous since the days when he used to vigorously trade on the floor. When Rajesh explained the potential scope for growth based on Keshav’s risk profile, Keshav wanted to get started right away. However, Rajesh only offered the advice, and reinstated to Keshav that he had to execute his advice with his broker - and rightfully so. Rajesh was not a broker. At first, Keshav was apprehensive, and more importantly, the whole game looked inconvenient to him. Zoom out of the story, and imagine if Rajesh could simply make Keshav’s trades happen - We say, why imagine, and why not make it real?

This is where angel broking’s smart API comes in. Smart API is a collection of functions that can help you automate trades on the basis of strategies that you program into your system through algorithms. With SmartAPI, Rajesh could have simply turned his strategic advice into ready-to-execute orders on his client’s orderpad. This would have simplified the process for Keshav, who was largely inexperienced with the technicalities of order creation, execution and the various parameters on his broking account - a tap-and-grow model for your clients, that’s truly inclusive of your clients’ experience and knowledge levels. Put it another way, smart api is the next paradigm of your stock advisory practice, where your advisory can be fed directly to the orderpad of your client, which your client can act upon immediately.

With smart API, we have not only masked the complex routines of executing trades through our resilient trading engine, we have also made critical functions easy to understand and implement in a variety of programming languages that are in use today.

Whether you have expertise in programming yourself, or whether you choose to partner with developers to help you add execution of trades to your advisory practice, Smart API can help you move from ideation to implementation within a matter of weeks.

Sounds cool, right?

What’s more, Smart API is completely free of cost. Taking your advisory practice to the next level was never easier. With Smart API, you no longer need to worry about obtaining a brokerage license. Instead, we provide you with the critical functionalities of our own trading execution engine, and let you build your own unique investment and trading services on top of it.

That’s right - even if you are thinking about bringing AI based stock trading recommendations, or implementing high-complexity strategies for your clients, our SMart API has got you covered - it can help you get these complex systems up and running by providing you with functions that mask the complexity of interacting with the market itself.

Our Smart API consists of well documented functions that let you stream historical data, real-time market data, execute trades, and manage user portfolios with.

In other words, your unique experience with the markets and your expertise in critical market situations can now be made not only accessible to your clients, but also executable in real time.

Are you still confused if Smart API is right for you?

Then check out more on our website and be one of the first few to scale your advisory practice - after all SMart API is free of cost.

To learn more about the potential of Smart API, you can also visit our youtube channel, or our website. Until then, goodbye from angel broking, we wish you a great day ahead!