Frequently asked questions about SGBs

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Frequently asked questions about SGBs Voice Over- Namaskar mitron. Is podcast mein ham Sovereign gold bonds ki charcha karenge aur janenge ki sovereign gold bonds ke bare mein sabse jyada kaun se sawal puche jate Hain. Ham in sawalon ka jawab bhi aapko denge. Sovereign gold bonds 1 interesting investment option hai lekin public mein iske baare mein jaankari kam hai. Is investment option ke bare mein aap hamare podcast mein information jaaniye aur FIR dekhiye ki yah aapke investment portfolio mein set hote hain ya nahin. Investment ke Do pehlu hote Hain. Ek to growth aur dusra wealth protection. Sovereign gold bonds may wealth creation ka Chhota sa angle hai per bada angle ismein wealth protection ka hai. Chaliye dekhte hain sovereign gold bonds ki bare mein mein sabse zaroori aur bar bar puche Jane Wale 10 sawal kaun se hain aur inn the sawalon ke jawab kya hai Pehla sawal: sovereign gold bonds kya hai aur inhe Kaun issue karta hai? Sovereign gold bonds government issued securities hai. Market se physical gold kharidne ka yah ek alternative hai. Yah bond RBI dwara issue hote hai. Dusra sawal: Physical gold ki jagah sovereign gold bonds may invest kyun karna chahie? Physical gold ko kharidne mein, store karne mein, aur bechne mein kaafi time aur space ki zaroor hoti hai. Sovereign gold bonds do not need the space that physical gold needs. Therefore you are free from the risk and the cost of storage. Gold ko kharidne ke waqt ya gold jewellery banane ke waqt making charges, gold ki purity, aur dusre factors ka importance hota hai. Sovereign gold bonds ko digitally store kiya jaa sakta hai or kis liye aap inn sab factors se mukt Ho jaate Hain. Teesra sawal: sovereign gold bonds mein kaun kaun invest kar sakta hai? Sovereign gold bonds mein individuals, trusts, charitable institutions, Universities, aur Hindu United families invest kar sakte hai. Agar ek Bharatvasi sovereign gold bonds kharidne ke bad Desh chod deta hai aur dusre Desh mein rehne lagta hai, To bhi unka ownership continue Karega. 4th question: while investing in sovereign gold bonds what is the minimum and the maximum investment allowed? When you invest in sovereign gold bonds you have to at least make an investment of 1 gram and the most you can go up to is 4 kgs. However if you are a trust, or or a similar institution, your investment can go up to 20 kgs. It is important to remember that this upper limit is set for each year. Therefore if you are an individual investor you can buy 4 kgs of sovereign gold bonds each year. If you are a trust on the other hand you can buy 20 kgs of sovereign gold bonds every year. If a family wants to invest more than 4 kgs in a single year they can buy the bonds in the names of different family members. So if one has 5 eligible people in the family who can buy sovereign gold bonds, they can buy upto 20 kg in a given year. It is also important to note that minors can invest in sovereign gold bonds via a guardian. Fifth question: where can I buy sovereign gold bonds? Sovereign gold bonds ko physically bhi khareeda ja sakta hai aur digitally bhi kharida ja sakta hai. Agar kisi area mein Bank ka penetration Na Ho To ek bharatwasi sovereign gold bonds kharidne ke liye Post office ja sakta hai. Sabse achcha option hai sovereign gold bonds ko digitally kharidna. This saves everyone time, effort and energy. Investing in SGB’s online is a frequently used option these days. 6th question: how are sovereign gold bonds issued? Well, the sovereign gold bonds are issued in tranches. Jab sovereign gold bonds ka investment window khulne wala hota hai, usse do din pahle RBI apni website per gold ka price aur related fees release karti hai. 7th question: sovereign gold bonds ka tenure kya hai? Sovereign gold bonds ka tenure 8 saal ka hota hai. 8 saal ke baad bank account mein aapka investment amount aur 2.5% interest transfer kar diya jayega. 8 va sawal: Agar sovereign gold bonds mein se 8 sal se pahle nikalna Ho To kya Karna chahie? Agar aap Sovereign gold bonds ko 8 sal se pahle bechna chahte Hain To aap 5 sal ke bad Apne bonds redeem kar sakte hain. Agar aapne bonds digitally khareede Hain To phir aapke sovereign gold bonds exchange mein tradable honge. This means that if you store your sovereign gold bonds in demat form you can transfer it to other investors who are interested. You can also gift or transfer your bonds to a relative or a friend or anybody who fulfills the eligibility criteria for this investment vehicle. 9th question: sovereign gold bonds loans mein kaam aa sakte hain? Sovereign gold bonds bilkul loan lete waqt kaam aa sakte hain. Aap sovereign gold bonds ko collateral ki tarah istemal kar sakte hain. Aap koi Bank, financial institution, ya phir nbfc se loan lete work sovereign gold bonds ko ordinary gold ki tarah use kar sakte hai. 10th and final question: sovereign gold bonds ke earned interest aur capital gains per kya tax lagta hai? Sovereign gold bonds ki kamai Hui interest par income tax act ke tahat taxes lagte Hain. Magar sovereign gold bonds par kamai gaye capital gains par koi bhi tax nahi lagta. Sovereign gold bonds par TDS be nahi lagta. Isiliye sovereign gold bonds ek safe aur interesting investment vehicle hai. For more such interesting content, follow and subscribe to our channel. Doston there is no end to upskilling yourself, financial knowledge evolves constantly and never ends, so stay tuned for more such informative content! Remember to do your own research as well. Aise aur educational content ko follow karein and stay updated. Chaliye fir milenge. Until then goodbye and happy investing. Investments in the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.