Debunking X myths surrounding trading.

Podcast Duration: 7:24
Debunking 5 myths surrounding trading. Namaskar dosto. Angel One ke iss podcast mein aapka swagat hai. Agar aap pehle baar sun rahe ho, toh welcome aboard. This is where we simplify complex stock market topics and give beginner traders the basic education they need to begin trading. If you are one of our many regular listeners, toh, welcome back dost. Mai bahut khush hu ki humare podcasts aapke liye useful hai. Aaj ke podcast mein we are going to tackle some very famous myths surrounding trading. Beginner trader ho ke, you must have heard a lot about trading, both good and bad and ugly. Let's find out the truth around some of the most popular rumours: Myth number 1 hai: Stock market is the place to become rich overnight Bilkul opposite ore mein hai Myth number 2: Stock market pe pura paisa kho dega Myth number 1 and 2 ko saath saath mita dete hai kyunki they are related. Stock market mein aap apne paise ko bada sakte ho, slowly and steadily. Ji haan aap high risk le ke bade bade profits target kar sakte ho lekin high risk stocks mein invest kar ke losses bhi ho sakta hai. Yeh saare dramatic stories and assumptions about becoming rich overnight stock market nahi toh losing everything on the stock market jo hai...yeh kahaniya high risk stocks se related hai. Lekin, this is not the only way of trading. A smart and safe trader can always choose stocks based on proper research. Trading mein, it is more advisable to minimize one's risk by taking certain risk management measures. Yeh hai Stop loss zaroor set karna: Agar aapne shares Rs 100 per share mein khareed liya, you can set a stop loss at say Rs 98. Agar stock price gir jata hai, aapka loss Rs 2 per share se jyada nahi ho sakta. As soon as the share price drops to Rs 98, your shares will be sold. Ab bol: Kaise kho sakte ho pura paisa? Stocks ko dhyan se choose karna: stocks ko rumours ya newspaper headlines ya "expert tip" ke basis choose nahi karna chahiye. Always look at the financial records of a company before investing in its shares. Companies jin ke revenues zyaada hai aur losses kam hai, aise companies mein invest karna advisable hai. Companies jo popular products aur services mein strong hai; aise companies mein invest karne se zyaada earnings paane ki possibility hai. Invest for the long term: day trading is the riskiest form of trading, especially for a beginner trading. That's because you cannot hold stock overnight. Jo shares aaj liya yeh trading day ke anth tak bechna hi padega, irrespective of whether you are happy to sell/ irrespective of whether the stock price has risen as per your target. Long term mein risk plateau out ho jata hai dost. Ji haan stock prices fluctuate drastically in a single day lekin aap khud kisi bhi strong company ka long term stock price graph dekh lo. Isn't the price on an incline in the long term? Myth number 3: Trading karna ho toh you need to devote the whole day. Naukri chodna padega. This rumour is everywhere but kya aap koi dusre investments karne ke liye naukri leave karte ho? Chahe fixed deposit ho, ya PPF, ya mutual funds… you manage to invest and yet hold on to your job, right? Yes, there are people who have chosen trading as a full-time job, lekin yeh compulsory nahi hai. You can invest in the stock market and still keep your job. Aap after office hours ya weekend pe companies ko research kar sakte ho aur jab aap confident ho, aap within seconds apna buy order place kar sakte ho. Purane dino mein offline trading was complicated and time consuming lekin abhi with online trading you can invest in the stock market from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection. Agar aapko day trading bhi karna hai you can trade in the early part of the day and close all your positions (iska matlab hai you sell off all the shares you have bought, before you go off to work). Myth number 4: Trading ke liye you need multiple computers and a whole set up This was the case before trading apps and indeed some professional day traders might adopt such a set up to keep an eye on multiple stock price graphs by the second. Iss kisam ke traders chote chote price changes ka peecha karte hai lekin they make their earnings by trading in huge volumes. But it is not compulsory to trade like that. For long term investment-based stock market investment, a smartphone is more than enough. Myth number 5: When the market is down and people are selling stock you must also sell, even if you are selling at a loss The stock market is impacted by a variety of forces aur investors kaafi emotional rehte hai. Darr ke maare many people sell for no good reason. Aap apne invested companies ke behaviour pe dhyan do aur apne targets pe and avoid knee jerk reactions. In most cases - especially in the case of people overreacting to news - the market will bounce back in a few days. Lekin haan, if the companies you have invested in run into trouble then you might need to sell. Dobaara bolta hu - apne invested companies aur in ke revenue aur expenditure, profit and loss pe dhyan do. Learn how to use measures like P/E ratio that is price to earnings ratio to decide whether a stock is worth investing in. In the closing remarks, mai bolna chahta hu ki Trading karte samey, it is absolutely essential ki aap apne khud ka research dhyan se kare. Technical indicators aur P/E ratio jaise tools use kar ke aap apna buy timing bhi decide kar sakte ho. Learn how to use these. Aur haan, stock market education bahut important hai. Keep up the good work of tuning in to podcasts and increasing your understanding of how the market works. This podcast has been made for educational purposes only and as an investor aapko apni khud ki research bhi karni chahiye. Risk appetite soch samaj ke trade karna dost. Always trade with capital that is leftover after you have kept enough aside for daily living expenses. Investments in the securities markets are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.