Build you fintech business with Angel One’s Smart API

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Hi, and welcome to this podcast with angel broking.

Did you know that online trading accounts for almost 60% of the industry revenue? If you look at the same figures in india, you will spot rapid growth, and more importantly, you will see faster adoption of online trading across demographics and geographies. However, there is a lot that remains to be offered to the indian online trader, and the market is, no doubt, brimming with opportunities.

In fact, fintech companies across the world are leveraging newer developments in technology like machine learning, and creating products that go viral in the industry.

Whether you look at analysis tools for the stock markets or execution engines, or AI based trading - fintech companies have a lot to look forward to, especially in india.

But then, there is another part to it - companies that specialize in disruptive fintech are usually not brokers themselves. If only they could leverage an established broker’s trade execution engine and simply build elegant solutions on top of it. Sounds dreamlike, right?

We are here not to tell you that this is possible, because you probably, already know that.

But here is a solution for tech leaders like you who are set to disrupt the market with their innovative, feature-rich trading services and platforms. That’s right - Angel One’s Smart API helps you do what you are good at, while taking care of the boilerplate stuff and masking the complexity for your developers.

Then let’s find out where smart API fits in your next big fintech idea.

Smart API is essentially a collection of APIs that expose critical functionalities like trade execution, user-based portfolio management functions, and historical and real time market data streaming through well-documented libraries.

But this is where things start getting really cool. Smart API is designed in such a way, that your developers never have to deal with things like missing documentation, varying response data structures and unnecessary cross-language implementations.

Smart API libraries are available in Python, Java, R, Go and Node JS, and this is what helps set yourself apart - whether you plan to build an automated AI trading desktop application, a mobile application, or a modular web-application, Smart API can handle it all.

Our API functions return the requested data in a structured format which never leaves your developers second-guessing about how to manipulate mission-critical data. More precisely, Smart API returns all data in a JSON format, and our documentation contains neatly segregated implementation code snippets.

Angel Ones Smart API is made for developing cutting edge trading and analysis platforms for the next decade of the 21st century.

In sum, Smart API contains feature functions to help you get your trading platform up and running in a short amount of time. But what’s unique in our value proposition is that Smart API is completely free of cost, and it gives your trading platform excellent visibility from day one.

Do you know how?

Angel broking is one of the leading stock brokers in India, and as such, our user base consists of thousands of loyal customers, who have been trading in the Indian market since years.

By building your trading platform on top of Angel Ones trade execution engine using Smart API, you get access to all our clients.

We help you focus on delivering unique and feature-rich services, while taking care of execution, brokerage licensing, and most importantly, visibility.

And what’s more, our always active forums never leave your developers grasping for unique and critical problems in the dark. The world is seeing newer applications in machine learning, deep learning, predictive models, recommender systems and integrated technologies that make people’s lives simpler.

Trading is no different. WIth automated push notifications, exportable, customizable and insightful analytics and visualization features, and AI based recommendations for stock trading, the stock market is seeing disruptions too.

While some of these innovations are happening natively in India, a lot remains to be seen by Indian investors and traders. Are you looking to fill this gap by going live with the next big offering in the indian stock market landscape?

Disrupting the market with your unique ideas was never this easy.

Sign up for smart API today, completely free of cost and start building your platform today.

Until then, goodbye from angel broking!