Budget 2021 Highlights

Podcast Duration: 06:45

Hi doston, Angel One ke is podcast mein aapka swagat hai.

Doston budget 2021 recently announce kiya gaya tha, and is budget mein hume kuch bade changes dekhne ko mile hain. Waise aapne budget announcement miss kiya, ya did you watch it live? Mere dost Gautam ki toh puraani habit hai - when we start discussing the budget amongst friends post-announcements, Gautam always complains about how he completely missed it!

Doston aapne kahin Gautam ki tarah budget announcement miss toh nahi kar diya? Kyunki chahe aap ek commodity trader ho, ya investor, ya fir, neither of these - budget 2021 sabhi logon ke liye kuch na kuch news lekar aaya hai.

Toh without wasting further time on this chit-chat, budget 2021 ke kuch major highlights discuss karte hain. What do you say? Toh friends, sabse pehle budget ke kuch structural changes ke baare mein hi baat kar lete hain. Did you know ki budget mein ek 500 crore ka contingency fund hota tha?

Ye fund emergencies ko handle karne ke liye use hota hai. Last year ki pandemic ko dekhkar, government ne contingency fund ki value 500 crore se increase karke 30,000 crore set kar di hai.

Waise covid jaise pandemic ko dekhkar, this sounds like a very natural reaction - think of it along the lines of your own emergency funds - koi financially shocking period face karne ke baad sabhi log apne emergency funds ko expand karte hai, hai ki nahi?

Doston pandemic ke mudde par ek aur news aayi hai - covid-19 ki vaccine distribution ke liye bhi 35,000 crore rupay set kiye gaye hain. So rest assured, the vaccine is likely to reach you this year.

Government ne pandemic ke kai saare experiences ko budget mein reflect kiya hai. Health aur well being par high level focus dekhne ko mila.

As a result, health related budgetary allocation mein 137% increase dekhne ko mila. Saath hi, the government also announced Pradhan mantri aatmanirbhar swasth bharat yojna - jiske under health systems ko improve karne ke liye 6 saal mein around 64000 crores se upar spend kiye jaayenge.

In addition, we also saw the government taking an environment and health friendly decision to voluntarily scrap vehicles jo 20 saal se zyada purane hain. Remember that car which was running with a factory-grade polluting engine? Yep, shayad next year se aapko aise cars road par dikhai nahi denge!

Waise doston, kya aapne banknifty mein budget day par 5% growth dekha? This was one of the most directly observable effects of the budget on the stock markets this year - basically, government ne public sector banks ko capital stimulus dene ke liye 20000 crore ka equity infusion announce kiya tha.

Saath hi, do naye companies announce kiye gaye hain - these are Asset Management Company and Asset Reconstruction Company - these companies will basically take over stressed loans from the system. Toh doston, budget 2021 looks green for the banking sector this year.

Waise if you are an IPO enthusiast or simply missed some of the big offers of 2020, is saal you might finally see LIC’s IPO. The government has been planning this IPO since quite some time, so Don’t miss out on these offerings - log on to www.angelone.in to stay in the loop about these, and other major stock market events.

Doston maine last year ke IPO success stories sunne ke baad se sabhi IPOs track karna shuru kar diye hain. Achcha banking infrastructure aside, government ne infrastructure ke through bhi economy stimulate karne ka initiative dikhaya hai - as a result, 4 states mein 11,000 kilometers ke national highways build kiye jayenge. Aur agar aap urban cities mein rehte ho, toh you will see work on new metro lines start this year!

Friends, physical infrastructure ke alawa, 2021 mein digital infrastructure ko bhi strengthen kiya jaa raha hai. 1500 crores will be spent on increasing digital payments ka adoption, aur minimum government, maximum governance theme ke chalte 2021 mein first digital census dekhne ko milega.

Toh doston ye the kuch major highlights from the prominent themes in the 2021 budget. Lekin don’t think that was all! Check out what’s new for you with these 5 points!

Petrol aur diesel par agri cess laagu hone waala hai - both will become 2.5 and 4 rupees more expensive, respectively. However with the cut of excise duties on the other side, the prices of petrol and diesel will remain unchanged.

Isse central revenue toh increase hoga hi, lekin farmers are also likely to benefit from this additional revenue.

Agar aap ek senior citizen ho above the age of 75, aur aapke income sources sirf pension aur interest hain, toh you won’t have to file an income tax return anymore.

Rural infrastructure ke liye 40 thousand crore allocate kiye gaye hain, aur MSME ministry ke liye 15,700 crores. Insurance sector mein FDI limit 49% se increase karke 74% kar di gayi hai. Isse insurance sector mein kuch foreign capital flow hoga, and will not only benefit businesses, but also provide a boost to the sector after some long-drawn pandemic related liquidity challenges.

And lastly, NRIs will no longer pay double taxes on their income from accrued retirement money - this was a long awaited move for our friends who have moved abroad, or have Indian origins.

Friends, budget 2021 se in fast facts par aapke kya thoughts hain? What do you think are the implications of the new budget on your finances? After all, budget ka impact economy ke alawa aapke aur mere personal lives par bhi hota hai, hai ki nahi?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers right now! We will be back with more on the budget, and what’s in it for you! Until then, keep exploring - check out our youtube for learning more about the budget, or visit www.angelone.in if you have questions about the budget, stock markets, the economy, personal finances, or anything about money in general! Until then, goodbye, and happy learning!