Benefits of Online Trading Account

A trading account is an account held by a broker which enables investors to buy/sell securities. One cannot trade in stock markets without a trading account. It is similar to a traditional bank account, where you can hold cash and securities. Usually, a trading account is administered by an investment dealer, fund manager or personal trader. Having a trading account reduces dependency on a stockbroker. An online trading account contains a wealth of information about the latest market trends, best performing stocks and details of your transactions. You can therefore make more informed decisions for profitable trading. You can have multiple trading accounts based on your financial goals. You can have separate accounts like margin account, retirement account, buy and hold account for long-term stocks, etc.

Benefits of owning a trading account

A trading account helps you trade financial instruments like equity, stock, currencies, Forex, commodities, etc. Nowadays, trading accounts are held by investors online. It helps you conduct buy/sell transactions at a click of the mouse. A trading account also contains a wealth of information about your trading details. Hence, you can make financially sound decisions to increase profitability. Such an account provides information on gross profit and loss. It also increases the speed of the execution and settlement of trade orders. You can also make as many or as few trades as you desire. Moreover, the cost of online trading is lower as compared to traditional physical trading. A trading account is easy to set up and offers telephonic and online access.

What you can do with a Trading Account?

An online trading account enables you to transact anywhere and anytime. You can place buy and sell orders without the assistance of a broker. You don’t have to rely on your broker to make transactions. You can also have multiple accounts based on your trading strategies, such as a margin account, retirement account, commodities account, etc. With the help of an online trading account, you can monitor your investments in real-time through the online interface. You can log in to your account through your phone or computer. You can also analyse research reports, real-time stock quotes and trending stocks, and build your financial future on this wealth of knowledge.

Opening a Trading Account with Angel One

Opening an online trading account with Angel One gives you the privilege to enjoy ‘Angel benefits’. You will also get updates on profit-making on the basis of price fluctuations and market news, even at night. The 1987-founded financial company assures easy trading in liquid markets. Opening an online trading account at Angel One assures efficient money management and lower brokerage fees. Intraday traders can create short position in the cash segment if they have a bearish view on the stock. This stock-broking and wealth management company also provides free access to multiple online trading products. Be rest assured that you will get a dedicated customer service representative at your disposal for advice or help.

How Much Money You Can Save?

Angel One offers a variety of demat and trading accounts. Angel Eye is their popular platform for trading stocks and other financial instruments. Demat account opening fees is nil. In order to open Demat account with Angel One, you can visit their site and fill up the Account Opening form. You can open a Demat account and trading account for trading in securities, stock, gold, ETF’s, currencies, etc. Angel One offers the following products for trade—online Forex Trading account, Online Commodities Trading account, Online Currency Trading account, Online Equity Trading account and Online Derivatives Trading account. Through these accounts, you can trade online at your own convenience either through the web or your smartphone. You can execute buy/sell orders at the click of a mouse.

How Much Time You Can Save

The time taken to open an online trading account depends on the processing time. Usually, it takes a week to receive your online trading details. You need to fill an Account Opening form at the desired bank/broker. Along with the duly filled form, you have to submit the required Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. These include identity proof, address proof and recent passport-size photographs. The broker will conduct a verification process either by a telephonic call or by an in-person house visit to confirm the details provided on the Account Opening form. The trading account will be activated only if all the information provided is correct. The applicant then receives a client kit which contains login details like ID and password, customer care details, etc. Once you’ve received you user ID and password, you can login through your account. Remember to change your password for security reasons.

Angel One does not does not charge any fee for opening an online trading account.