Angel One offers you an unmatched level of convenience in trading online. With our app, you can access the stock market from anywhere, customize your watchlist, modify your orders, monitor your portfolio, gain information about the companies, and trade in multiple exchanges.

Not only this, even adding funds is easier with digital modes of payment available on our platform. This digital funds transfer process is gaining importance these days due to the following reasons:

  • Faster payment
  • 24*7 transfer facility available
  • Higher security
  • Ease of carrying out transactions
  • Tracks & maintains a record of each transaction

Angel One offers you two digital payment modes to transfer funds via our app/platform: UPI transfer & net banking. The below table gives detailed information about these two payment modes for you to make an informed decision.

Particulars UPI Transfer Net Banking
Details Required Valid UPI ID approved by NPCI Login credentials
Limit Updation in Angel One Account Instant Instant
Transfer Limit Up to ₹ 1 Lac Depends on TPT (Third Party Transfer) limit in your bank account
Charges Angel One doesn’t charge any fees to add funds to your account

Here’s how you can add funds:

Click on ‘Funds’ after logging in to your account, enter the amount you wish to add under the ‘Add Funds’ option,  and select the bank account. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps for the payment method you wish to use.

1. UPI Transfer

a. Choose the ‘UPI’ mode of payment

b. Now, you can choose either of the following:

i. Select your preferred UPI app, click on ‘Proceed’ & you will be redirected to the UPI app


ii. Add your UPI ID, click on ‘Proceed’, you will receive an SMS & now you can visit the app

iii. Verify the amount, authorize the payment & the funds will be added

2. Net Banking

a. Click on Net Banking and tap on ‘Proceed’

b. Fill in your credentials on your bank’s website and verify the amount

c. Enter the OTP sent by your bank, click on ‘Submit’ & the funds will be added

Please note that the bank account you want to use for adding funds must be linked to your Angel One trading account.


UPI transfer and net banking have transformed the face of the digital funds’ transfer process. It has numerous advantages over traditional banking methods and has successfully paved the way for a digital future. Enjoy the simplicity of instant payments by getting your UPI ID and registering for net banking, if you haven’t already done so. To instantly add funds, go to the Funds Section on our app or web platform.


Frequently asked questions

1. Can I add funds from a bank account that is not linked to my Angel One account?

We do not accept payment via unregistered bank accounts as per SEBI guidelines.

2. Can I add multiple bank accounts?

Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts in your trading account.

3. Is there a limit on how many accounts I can link?

Yes, you can add up to 4 bank accounts.

4. What is the maximum amount that I can transfer during a day?

You can transfer up to ₹ 1 lac via UPI in a day. While in Net Banking, the transfer limit depends on the TPT limit to your bank account.

5. How many banks do we support in our payment gateway?

All the major private and public sector banks are supported by our payment gateways.

6. What is the reason for Transaction Failure while adding funds via online methods?

The most common reasons for Transaction Failures are:

1. Your bank account not responding/slow response to our transaction processes

2. Transaction timed out because of delay in authentication

3. Incorrect password

4. Insufficient funds available in your bank account

5. Transfer of funds through 3rd party bank accounts

6. UPI transfers are done through non-registered bank accounts, etc.

In case you have any more questions, please feel free to visit Angel Assist on our app/platform.