List of order status on your Angel One trading account

The evolution of technology has had a massive impact on every industry, and the stock market is no exception. As a trader or investor today, you can conveniently trade or invest in the market from the comfort of your home. For this, all you have to do is place an order via trading platforms like Angel One, which in turn places an order with the exchange on your behalf.

Before we move further, let’s define what order and order status are. Order means an instruction that you give on a trading platform to buy/sell scrips at a particular price. And order status tells you the up-to-date situation of the trading order you have placed.

Various order statuses on the Angel One platform

Each order submitted on the Angel One platform will show a status that might change during the course of trade. The below list shows all possible order statuses on our platform.


An order that has been successfully completed at the exchange is said to be executed.


An order is in pending status when it has been sent to the exchange but is in an open position because of either of the following reasons:

  • Your buying price is less than the ask price
  • Your selling price is higher than the bid price
  • Your order is partially executed (means only a part of your total order is executed)
  • Your Stop Loss Order after the trigger price is reached and the order is not yet executed (assuming that 1st leg of your order is executed)
  • Your RoBo Order after the trigger/target price is reached and the order is not yet executed (assuming that 1st leg of your order is executed)

The order status will be pending unless your trade is successfully executed. Apart from this, AMO orders, which means the orders that are placed when the market is closed, can be seen under the pending orders section.


Angel One has an exhaustive list of validations like insufficient funds, bid/ask price should fall within the circuit limit (a range within which the stock orders can be placed for the day), trading in penny stocks, trading in SME group stocks, etc. to execute the order successfully. If your order doesn’t comply with these validations, then your order will be rejected even before it reaches the exchange.


An order goes into a canceled status because of the below-mentioned reasons:

1. You have initiated the cancellation

2. You are placing an IOC (Immediate or Cancelled) order, which means you are placing an order that needs to be executed immediately and if that does not happen then it should be canceled

3. You have placed an order with day validity but your bid/ask price does not get hit, so the order will be automatically canceled at the end of the trading day i.e., for F&O it will be auto-canceled at 03:30 pm, and for cash segment at 04:00 pm

How to check your order status on our app?

1.Click on Orders Tab at the bottom.

  1. Click on Open Orders tab on top

3.Click on Order History.

4.Click on any order to view detailed message for rejections.

Note: Only terminal statuses are shown in order history, i.e. only executed, rejected and cancelled. Pending orders are not shown in order history as it has still not reached terminal state


It is imperative to understand different order statuses on our platform so that you know when your order gets executed and when you need to re-order. Use our Angel One app or web platform to place your order with ease or track your orders on the move.