The world of trading is more accessible to India today than ever. While technically, trading in India started as early as the 1840s, its opportunities for general people were limited. With the The Depositories Act, 1996 which made paperless trading a possibility, it started opening new avenues.

Today, with trading platforms available online, anyone with even a fundamental knowledge of the market can venture into trading. All one needs to do is open a trading account, get connected with the market and start trading.

What is a trading account?
A trading account is essentially an investment account that a trader can use to hold securities, cash and other holdings. It is an essential tool to carry out transactions in securities, such as the buying and selling of shares. In fact, in certain cases, such as trading in equity, it is not possible to trade at all without a trading account.

Moreover, if you have a trading account online, it makes the carrying out of these transactions faster and more efficient. You can select from a variety of trading options, and receive regular updates about changes in the market. In some cases, you can also place orders after the market closes by using special facilities.

How to open a trading account
To start your trading venture in India, the first step is to open your own trading account. Here are the step you should follow to open a trading account:

  • – The first step to opening a trading account is to find a reputable, SEBI-registered broker. You will most likely need to also open a demat account. For this purpose, your broker of choice should have a valid registration number issued by the SEBI.
  • – A wise option is to open a technology-enabled trading account as well as a free demat account with Angel One. They are well established in the industry with over 30 years of customer trust. Also, they offer customers extensive research and guidance to make the right trading decisions.
  • – Once you get in touch with the broker of your choice, you must find out about their account opening procedure. You can also enquire about their fees and charges, as well as the other facilities they offer.
  • – The account opening procedure typically involves filling out the required forms. These forms include a Client Registration form, Account Opening form as well as for KYC.
  • – You must also submit certain essential documents to the broker. These include photo ID proofs, such as a PAN card, and an address proof, such as an electricity bill.
  • – The forms and documents will be processed by the broker and in a matter of time, you will receive your trading account
  • – You can now start trading with your brand-new trading account. To conduct trades, you can buy or sell orders through this trading account with your broker. This transaction will then be passed on to and processed at the relevant exchange. Based on the transaction, your demat account will either be debited or credited with your choice of traded securities.

Benefits of opening a trading account
There was a time when in order to trade, a trader had to physically go to a location and place a trade. However, with the advent of trading account, traders today can enjoy a variety of benefits:

  • – Ease of use: With a trading account, especially an online one, you can conduct your trades from anywhere and at any time. You can also keep track of all your transaction details and learn from them to make improved trading choices over time.
  • – Security: If you open a trading account with a trusted brokerage company such as Angel One, your trading transaction are certain to be safe and secure.
  • – Cost-effectiveness: Trading before dematerialization used to be a tedious and cumbersome experience. This is because all trades had to use physical paper stock certificates. These used to come with their own share of costs including stamp duty, handling charges and more. With trading accounts, these costs have been done away with, therefore making trading more cost-effective.
  • – Accessibility: With online trading accounts, you can access your trades and trade details from any media. You can also monitor your price movements live, right as they happen.

Opening a trading account in India can open an investor up to a variety of trading opportunities. With the entire process becoming more efficient, traders simply need to find a reliable broker, submit documents and start their trading journey.

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