Why Do You Need Travel Insurance

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by Angel One

Travel is the most incredible way to learn new things, whether it’s a new language or a foreign culture. Rather than just observing it through pictures or videos, you are able to experience it first-hand, and a new perspective is gained.

As with any endeavour, travel is not without risk and uncertainty, and that’s why travel insurance is so critical.

There is some risk involved in travelling around the world for anyone. Whether you are travelling within India or overseas, unexpected events can occur without much warning.

A travel insurance policy keeps you covered in case of unforeseen events such as luggage loss, loss of passport, trip cancellation, medical emergency, etc.

Why Should One Get Travel Insurance?

In general, travellers outside of India purchase travel insurance, but they do not do so when travelling within India. You should invest in a comprehensive travel insurance program to protect yourself from financial risks and unwarranted medical expenses. The following reasons define the importance of travel insurance:

Medical emergencies

In times like these, medical emergencies can strike without warning. Any time you will be travelling, whether it is internationally or locally, it is a wise decision to have travel insurance. In this way, you are protected from such contingent high-cost expenses.

The cost of medical care abroad can be exorbitant. Moreover, it is difficult to find quality medical care within your budget if you don’t have access to a high insurance cover.

Covid Coverage

As a part of medical expenditure coverage, travel insurance providers are now offering a cover for Covid related expenses. The hospitalization expenses include the pre-and post-hospitalization period, along with ambulance costs.

Trip cancellation

Should you find yourself unable to go on your trip for some unforeseen reason, such as a medical emergency, an accident, or the loss of a close relative, then you are covered for these costs. If you plan to avail of this benefit, you need to buy travel insurance as you book tickets, not the week before your departure.

There are some travel insurance plans that do not cover cancellation, and others that do not cover your non-refundable, pre-booked expenses if your trip is interrupted after you’ve left home, so make sure to read the policy wording for your policy carefully.

Personal belongings and baggage

Despite the fact that most people purchase travel insurance because of the loss of their personal belongings, it is usually the least critical aspect: you may be able to replace your possessions, but not your health.

If you intend to bring your laptop, camera, or other valuables on your trip, some of our travel insurance plans permit you to specify their higher value.


Your liability and legal expenses can be covered by insurance in case you are involved in an accident or accidentally cause damage. You must read your policy which describes the coverage available from insurers.

Political unrest prompted evacuations

As you are enjoying your trip to Kashmir, political unrest causes riots to erupt throughout the country. Despite the need to evacuate immediately for safety reasons, flight tickets have just skyrocketed in price due to the influx of travellers. In order to return to safety, the only option you have is to pay for the inflated airfare.

An insurance policy helps in such cases where you are protected against such unexpected events.

Evacuations caused by natural disasters

Climate change cannot be controlled, so you risk delays or cancellations of your trip. Snowstorms, hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause an event, such as flight cancellation, to disrupt your vacation. Travel insurance can protect you in these situations.

Features & Benefits of Travel Insurance

An easy way to get cash in an emergency:

You can access cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with travel insurance.

A hassle-free process:

You can access online insurance from the comfort of your home. Taking advantage of travel insurance is an easy and cost-effective way to prepare for any eventuality when travelling within your own country.

Loss coverage and medical expenses:

There is a maximum amount that insurance policies will cover in the event of ticket or passport loss during a year. It covers expenses that may occur due to a delayed flight or a missed connection. Includes medical coverage as well. This plan covers all costs associated with repatriation and evacuation during an emergency.

What is Included in Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance usually includes:

  • Death due to accident and premature death
  • Hospitalization coverage in case of an accident
  • Having access to medical evacuation in times of emergency
  • Benefits of deportation remains
  • Benefits for individuals injured in accidents
  • Compensation for accidental hospitalization
  • Accommodation fee if the trip has to be postponed due to train or plane delays.
  • Accidental loss of a rail or flight ticket
  • Providing transportation for family members
  • Extra assistance for emergencies
  • The expense of lost fares if you miss a flight or train due to an accident

What is not Included in Travel Insurance?

  • Individuals with insurance travelling for medical treatment against the advice of their doctors or those with terminal illnesses.
  • Self-harm, suicide, STDs, mental or psychological conditions (such as stress, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Members of the Armed Forces or Military of a nation who have not explicitly stated this.
  • Intoxication-related accidents.
  • Taking part in any attempted crimes, civil disturbances, misdemeanours, or riots.
  • Pregnancy or childbirth complications caused by prolonged labour.