You can use your demat account to e-verify your income tax return. Here’s how.

Come tax return filing season and you have no option but to start poring over your bank accounts to file your income tax returns. Quite important to note here that is not enough to just file your income tax return, it is also necessary to e-verify your return before the income tax department can start processing it.

The IT department gives taxpayers the option to verify their returns either physically or virtually. Under the virtual method, the person filing the return is required to send the signed ITR-V to the Centralised Processing Centre in Bangalore.

You can verify your return in one of these four ways :

  1. By Aadhar OTP
  2. By net banking
  3. By using your bank account
  4. By using your demat account

Your return can only be verified once an Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is generated. The EVC is a 10 digit alphanumeric combination that is sent to the taxpayer’s registered mobile number to verify his identity.

How to e-verify your return using your demat account?

You will have to follow a simple  9-step process to e-verify your returns using your demat account. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the income tax department website by typing After this log into your account. In case, you do not have an account, then create one and register yourself.
  2. Once you log in, select the option of view returns/forms
  3. A new screen will appear. Choose the option that says, “Click here to view your returns pending for e-verification” to view your return that you wish to e-verify.
  4. A new screen will appear with four options offering the taxpayer to verify his return by e-filing OTP or by generating EVC through net banking or by generating EVC through bank account number or by generating EVC through demat account number. Choose option 4 i.e generate EVC through demat account number to e-verify your return
  5. In order to generate the EVC, you need to prevalidate your demat account. In case, your demat account is not already prevalidated, then another screen will appear which will offer you an option to “Prevalidate your account”.  Select this option.
  6. Choose your depository type from the two options provided: NSDL or CDSL. Type in the details sought in there such as DP Id, Client ID, Mobile Number, Email address and click on the prevalidate option.
  7. If a new screen appears with a text window saying that you have prevalidated your demat account number, then proceed ahead by clicking the “Yes” button in response to the question asking if you want to generate EVC.
  8. The EVC would be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the EVC number and press submit.
  9. If a new screen pops up with the message, “Return successfully e-verified” then your return has been e-verified. Make sure to download the acknowledgement. The acknowledgement will also be shot off to your registered e-mail address.

This is the simplest manner in which you can e-verify your return without putting yourself through any bureaucratic hassle.