Track the Status of Your Application on the Angel One App

Once you have downloaded the app and started filling out the application form, you can track your progress directly through a window on the Home page.

Opening your Angel One account is usually a simple process. However, sometimes there might be delays if the information uploaded by the user does not fulfill the requirements of the application process. A delayed account opening process causes unnecessary frustration for the user if they do not clearly understand why their application is not being approved.

To minimise this friction, the Angel One app now shows you exactly which stage their application is in. This will give you clarity on the status of your application as well as a fair idea about further requirements from your side.

How to View Application Status?

When you open the Angel One app on the Home Page you will see an option at the bottom of the screen to view the status of your application. Clicking ‘View Status’ will expand the window and allow you to see the exact stage where your application currently stands.


Fig.1: Application Status window on the Home page (left), which can be expanded with a click to a larger view (right).

Currently, the application status goes through the following stages in chronological order -

  1. Application Submitted -

    This means that the application, including the e-Sign, has been filled out by you.

  2. Application Under Review -

    This means that the application is currently being reviewed by the Angel One team.

  3. Application Rejected -

    This means that your application has been rejected for some reason, which will be disclosed. For instance, if the rejection is due to submitting an incorrect document, the section mentions the exact document that needs to be resubmitted for the application to be successful.

  4. Activation in Progress -

    This means that your application has been reviewed successfully and only the activation of your account remains to be done.

  5. Ready for trade -

    This means that you can transfer your money and start trading stocks on the app. You can also activate other segments, i.e. F&O, commodity and currency. Just click on the Profile icon, scroll to the bottom and you will find the option to activate derivatives trading. To know more about segment activation, click here.

    appn status final

    To know more about segment activation, click here.To know more about segment activation, click here.

Fig. 2: Application under review (left), application rejected, with the reason (middle) and application successful and permission to start trading (right)

Once your account is active, we will send you a Whatsapp notification. However, if there is a rejection status on your application, then we immediately notify you by email and SMS.

What to do if the Application is Rejected?

Technically your application is not rejected - it is simply stalled until you provide the required information. In case your application is stalled for some reason, you do not have to worry. A member of the Angel One sales team will contact you directly.

Causes for Application Rejection

The following are the primary reasons for which your application might be rejected - 

1. Signature Validation Issue 

It means that your signature could not be validated. It could be because the signature itself was not clear/valid or for some other reason. It is one of the top reasons for application rejection, hence make sure the signature you upload is clear and proper.

2. PAN Validation Issue

This means that there is currently an issue in the process of validating your PAN (Permanent Account Number). It could be because a clear PAN copy is not uploaded.

3. Selfie Validation Issue

This means that your selfie could not be validated because it was not captured clearly.

4. Name Mismatch Issue

This means that there is currently an issue of mismatch between the name provided in the application data and the name given in the submitted documents.

5. Address Proof Validation Issue

This basically means that there is an issue in validating the address proof because - 

  1. The QR code on the Aadhaar (proof of address) is not clear.
  2. The address proof is not submitted via Aadhaar or Digilocker - hence it needs time to be validated manually.
  3. There is a mismatch in the address provided in the application data and the address given in the documents submitted.

6. Bank Details Validation Issue

This means that there is an issue in the bank details validation process because - 

  1. The bank details were submitted via a cheque leaf - hence it is taking time to complete manual validation.
  2. In case the details were submitted online, then there was likely an issue of name mismatch between the data in the application and the documents submitted.

There could also be other, more specific reasons for application rejection as well, such as  - 

  1. You already have another application submitted using the same Aadhaar, PAN or email ID.
  2. Your name is missing on the bank proof submitted. In that case, you may have to upload or re-upload - 
    1. A pre-printed cancelled cheque leaf with your name and account number clearly mentioned on the same, or 
    2. A pre-printed bank passbook or statement with your name, account number and IFSC code on the same.
  3. A change in name is required. In that case, kindly provide a gazette or marriage certificate.
  4. Other details, such as date of birth, user’s father’s name, etc. is not correct/matching.
  5. If the name on PAN is correct, then Bank Verification Letter is still required, and if Bank Proof is correct, then additional ID proof is still required.


Hope this article clears doubts regarding the application process of Angel One.

Angel One is committed to bringing you the best features possible to make your experience on the app seamless. If you want to know about more top features, or if you have any questions, feel free to join the Angel One community - it is a place for Angel One users to interact with the Angel One team as well as themselves.