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What Is IDBI Bank PPF Calculator?

When it comes to investment schemes in India, the Public Provident Fund (PPF) enjoys great popularity. This government-backed scheme offers numerous advantages, such as attractive interest rates, tax benefits, and more. However, due to its lock-in period of 15 years, it is important to calculate the potential returns beforehand to determine if the long tenure aligns with your investment goals. Here is where the PPF calculators come in. They help to compute returns on PPF investments.

Numerous banks in India offer PPF accounts. If you want to open a PPF account with IDBI Bank, you can use the Angel One IDBI Bank PPF calculator to compute your expected returns. This user-friendly tool considers parameters such as investment amount, interest rate, and tenure to accurately estimate the maturity amount and the total interest you will earn over the investment period.

By allowing you to enter and experiment with different parameters, the online IDBI PPF calculator can be a handy tool to help you plan your PPF investments.

How Does a IDBI Bank PPF Calculator Work?

The IDBI Bank PPF calculator, provided by Angel One, offers a quick and easy way to estimate the returns on your PPF account. The calculator considers the annual investment amount, interest rate, and tenure to calculate your PPF maturity and interest amount.

Note that the government determines the interest rate every quarter, and this information is automatically integrated into the IDBI Bank PPF calculator. The tenure, which is fixed at 15 years, is also auto-filled. Once you input the yearly investment amount, the Angel One IDBI Bank PPF calculator will swiftly calculate your potential returns.

What Is the IDBI Bank PPF Calculator Formula?

You can use the IDBI PPF calculator formula to calculate your returns manually. It is as given below –

  • F = P [({(1+i) ^n} -1) /i]
  • Where,
  • F is the maturity value of the PPF
  • P is the annual instalments
  • i is the interest rate
  • n is the number of years

How To Use the IDBI Bank PPF Calculator Online?

You can use the Angel One IDBI PPF calculator to calculate your returns instantly and accurately. Here’s how you can use the online IDBI PPF calculator –

  • Step 1: To begin, visit Angel One and locate the IDBI PPF calculator.
  • Step 2: Enter the annual investment amount you plan to make in your PPF account. Note that the interest rate and tenure (15 years) are auto-populated.

After entering these details, the Angel One IDBI PPF calculator will instantly provide you with the maturity value and interest income of your investment, helping you gauge the growth potential of your PPF investment. Let’s look at an example to understand it better. Suppose you want to invest Rs. 4,500 monthly (Rs. 54,000 annually) in a PPF account and the current interest rate is 7.1% annually. The investment duration is 15 years by default. Then per Angel One IDBI PPF calculator, your maturity value will be Rs. 14,64,555, the total investment amount will be Rs. 8,10,000, and the total interest will amount to Rs. 6,54,555.

Benefits of using IDBI Bank PPF Calculator

Here are the primary benefits of using the IDBI PPF calculator:

  • Ease of use and convenience: A major advantage of using the online IDBI PPF calculator is its convenience. By accessing it online, you can determine your returns instantly from your home or anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Accurate estimations: The accuracy of the IDBI PPF calculator eliminates human errors and inconsistencies, giving you a realistic understanding of your potential PPF earnings.

  • Aids financial planning: By exploring various investment amounts, tenures, and interest rates, you can assess the impact of different scenarios on your PPF accounts. With reliable projections, one can make informed decisions and effectively plan their investments for maximum returns.

  • Free to use: A significant advantage of the Angel One IDBI PPF calculator is that it is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. You need not pay or subscribe to calculate returns.


What is the IDBI PPF calculator?

The Angel One IDBI PPF calculator helps you calculate the potential growth of your investment in PPF. It allows you to determine the maturity amount and interest earned over time.

How to use the online IDBI PPF calculator?

Find the online IDBI PPF calculator on Angel One. Input the annual investment amount. Since interest rate and tenure are auto-filled, you don't have to manually enter them. The IDBI PPF calculator will then display the maturity amount and interest earned.

Is the IDBI PPF calculator free to use?

Yes. Angel One IDBI PPF calculator is available for free. You can use it without incurring any charge.

What is the tenure of PPF?

A PPF account has a lock-in period of 15 years. Upon maturity, you can close the account and withdraw the entire proceeds. Alternatively, you extend the tenure in increments of 5 years post maturity.

What is the PPF interest rate?

The interest rate is determined by the Ministry of Finance every quarter and so it is subject to change.

Is PPF better than LIC?

PPF is a long-term investment scheme that offers guaranteed returns with tax benefits and primarily focuses on wealth accumulation. LIC, on the other hand, provides life insurance coverage along with investment opportunities. While LIC offers the dual benefit of insurance and investment, PPF is solely an investment avenue. The choice should depend on your personal goals and requirements.

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