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What Is the UCO Bank PPF Calculator?

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a popular investment scheme in India. Government backing, attractive interest rates, tax advantages, and the assurance of the principal amount contribute to its popularity. You can start investing in a PPF with a nominal amount of Rs. 500 and yet can create an attractive lump sum corpus.

When considering opening a PPF account with UCO Bank, you can take advantage of the Angel One UCO Bank PPF calculator. This calculator considers factors such as the annual investment amount, interest rates, and investment duration to estimate your potential returns accurately. This estimation of returns enables you to decide whether PPF syncs with your financial goals and if investing in it is a good idea.

Additionally, the UCO Bank PPF calculator allows you to evaluate the impact of different investment amounts and durations, thereby allowing you to assess various scenarios and optimise your savings strategy based on your unique financial goals.

How Does the UCO Bank PPF Calculator Work?

The Angel One UCO Bank PPF calculator is a helpful tool for determining the returns on your PPF accounts. It takes into consideration factors such as the yearly investment amount, interest rate, and tenure to generate estimates.

It is important to note that the interest rate is set by the government every quarter and is already incorporated into the Angel One online UCO Bank PPF calculator. Additionally, remember that the PPF account reaches maturity only after a duration of 15 years, although there is an option to extend the tenure in a block of 5 years if desired. Note that this has to be communicated before a year of maturity.

Once the tool has all the requisite values, it shows the total amount you will invest throughout the investment tenure, the interest you will earn and the final value upon maturity.

What Is the UCO Bank PPF Calculator Formula?

The UCO Bank PPF calculator formula is given below:

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

  • Where,
  • F is the maturity value of the PPF
  • P is the annual instalments
  • i is the interest rate
  • n is the number of years

How To Use the UCO Bank PPF Calculator Online?

The Angel One UCO Bank PPF calculator is user-friendly and easy to use and navigate. Here’s how you can use the online UCO Bank PPF calculator:

  • Enter the amount you wish to invest annually in your PPF account. You can manually type in the amount or use the slider provided to adjust it
  • The Angel One UCO Bank PPF calculator auto-fills the interest rate and tenure

Once done, the calculator will estimate the maturity value and interest you can earn on your PPF. Let’s look at an example to understand it better. Suppose you invest Rs. 36,000 annually (Rs. 3,000 monthly) and the interest rate is 7.1%. Note that a default tenure of 15 years applies. Then, the maturity value of your PPF will be Rs. 9,76,370. Your total investment amount will be Rs. 5,40,000, while the total interest you will earn will be Rs. 4,36,370.

Benefits Of Using the UCO Bank PPF Calculator

Here's why you should use the UCO Bank PPF calculator on Angel One:

  • Easy and convenient: The online UCO Bank PPF calculator is easily accessible online. This enables you to calculate the potential returns on your PPF investments from anywhere. You no longer need to do manual calculations or deal with complex formulae. Just enter the requisite information, and the calculator will offer you an instant estimate.

  • Time-saving: With the calculator, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent performing intricate calculations manually.

  • Financial planning:The UCO Bank PPF calculator lets you plan your finances effectively. You can visualise how your PPF investments will grow by entering different investment amounts and duration. It enables you to make informed decisions about the amount of investment required to achieve your desired financial goals.

  • Free to use: The Angel One UCO Bank PPF calculator is free to use and just requires an internet-powered device.


What is the UCO Bank PPF calculator?

The UCO Bank PPF calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the maturity amount and interest earned on your PPF investment. It allows you to estimate the future value of your PPF account based on the principal amount, duration, and prevailing interest rates.

How to use the UCO Bank PPF calculator online?

Visit Angel One website to access the online UCO Bank PPF calculator. Enter the annual investment amount. PPF matures after the completion of 15 years and has a fixed interest rate. The Angel One PPF calculator, thus, prepopulates tenure and interest rate values. Once you enter the investment amount, the calculator will compute the maturity value based on these values.

Is the UCO Bank PPF calculator free to use?

Yes. The UCO Bank PPF calculator is free to use. You can access the online PPF calculator by visiting Angel One.

What is the tenure of PPF?

The PPF accounts have a maturity period of 15 years. However, you have the flexibility to extend the tenure of your account in additional 5-year blocks. To exercise this option, it is essential to make the decision within one year of the account's original maturity.

What is the PPF interest rate?

The interest rate for PPF accounts is determined by the Ministry of Finance on a quarterly basis.

Is PPF better than FD?

PPF offers several advantages, including tax benefits under Section 80C. PPF has a longer tenure of 15 years, which allows for long-term wealth accumulation. PPF offers a higher interest rate than most FDs, making it a potentially more lucrative investment option. FDs, on the other hand, are more flexible and liquid. It is important to consider your specific financial goals before investing.

Is PPF taxable at maturity?

No. The returns and interest earned are not taxable at maturity. Thus, PPF is a popular choice for long-term savings and retirement planning, as it provides tax benefits during the investment period and at maturity.

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