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What Is the HDFC PPF Calculator?

The HDFC PPF calculator can be used to calculate your potential returns from a PPF account with HDFC. Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a well-known investment scheme in India that enjoys government backing, making it a reliable choice for investors. This scheme offers many advantages, including competitive interest rates and tax benefits. The PPF account entails a lock-in period of 15 years and can help you build a substantial corpus over time.

The online HDFC PPF calculator helps individuals estimate the maturity amount and interest earned by considering factors such as investment amount, interest rate, and tenure.

Whether you are a new PPF investor or have an existing HDFC PPF account, this online tool can assist you in assessing the potential returns on your savings.

How Does an HDFC PPF Calculator Work

The Angel One HDFC PPF calculator considers factors such as the principal invested, interest rate, and investment tenure to determine the maturity and interest amount.

The interest rate is predetermined by the government and changes quarterly. Also, note that the tenure or lock-in period is 15 years. You just need to enter the principal amount (interest and tenure are auto-filled), and the online HDFC PPF calculator will show you the potential returns instantly.

What Is the HDFC PPF Calculator Formula?

To determine the estimated value of a PPF investment at maturity, you can use the following formula:

F = P [({(1+i)^n}-1)/i]


F = The maturity sum receivable 

P = Principal invested annually

i = The rate of interest 

n = The investment tenure in years

How To Use the Online HDFC PPF Calculator?

The Online HDFC PPF calculator provides a user-friendly interface making it easy to calculate returns. When using Angel One’s HDFC PPF calculator, follow the steps given below for smoother navigation:

  • Open the Angel One HDFC PPF calculator page.
  • Enter the yearly investment amount. There is no need to select the interest rate, as it is already set to the prevailing rate. Similarly, the tenure is also fixed at 15 years.
  • Once done, the HDFC PPF calculator will instantly display the results.

Let’s study this with the help of an example. Suppose you invest Rs.70,000 yearly (monthly at Rs. 5833 approx) with interest rate and tenure auto-filled (assuming at 7.1% and 15 years respectively). In that case, the HDFC PPF calculator will display the maturity amount as Rs. 18,98,498, the total invested sum as Rs. 10,50,000, and the interest earned as Rs. 8,48,498.

Benefits Of Using a HDFC PPF Calculator

There are several advantages to using the online HDFC PPF calculator. Some of them are as follows:

  • Time-saving: Manually solving arithmetic problems consumes time. The speed and efficiency of the online HDFC bank PPF calculator help estimate returns effortlessly in seconds.
  • User-friendly interface: The online HDFC Bank PPF calculator provides users with a friendly interactive calculator. There is no necessity for extensive finance knowledge to use the calculator. 
  • No set frequency: There is no limit to the usage of the HDFC Bank calculator. You may use it numerous times. 
  • Eliminates manual error: The calculator eliminates the scope for human errors and basis, enabling them to produce error-free results.

Eligibility Criteria for Opening a HDFC PPF Account

The PPF account is accessible to resident citizens and individuals acting as guardians for minors. It is important to note that joint PPF accounts are not permitted. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that an individual can only open a single PPF account and must declare this information when opening the account.

Note: As per HDFC Bank, NRIs are not eligible to open a PPF account. However, if a resident individual becomes an NRI during the 15-year tenure, they may continue to contribute to the fund until its maturity. The contributions made during this period will not be repatriable.


What is the HDFC PPF calculator?

The online HDFC PPF calculator is a digital instrument that assists in calculating the maturity amount and interest income an individual may receive after investing in a PPF account. It equates the results with the help of principal amount, investment tenure, and interest rate.

How to use the HDFC PPF calculator online?

To use the online calculator, visit the Angel One HDFC PPF Calculator page. Then fill in the principal amount. Interest and tenure are auto-filled. Once done, the calculator will produce your returns instantly.

Is the HDFC PPF calculator free to use?

Yes, the HDFC PPF calculator is free to use and does not require any subscription. There is also no limit to using the calculator.

What is the tenure of PPF?

The tenure of a PPF account is set at 15 years. The tenure, however, can be extended in increments of five years post the 15-year lock-in period. But, this facility can only be availed within the first year of the account’s maturity.

What is the PPF interest rate?

The PPF interest rate for every quarter is decided by the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, it can vary over time.

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