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What is the BOB PPF Calculator?

The BOB PPF calculator is a helpful tool offered by Angel One to assist you in determining the maturity amount of your Public Provident Fund (PPF) investment. The PPF is a government-backed savings scheme that helps your invested amount grow and provides tax benefits. That makes it an attractive investment instrument, often considered a financial safety net for retirement. The government determines the interest rates for PPF and revises them quarterly. The lock-in period on PPF is 15 years. After the initial investment period is completed, you can extend it in increments of 5 years. The long investment tenure makes it imperative for investors to calculate the returns on the investment beforehand and determine if it suits their financial needs.

By entering specific inputs, such as the amount deposited and the investment duration, the online BOB PPF calculator accurately calculates your maturity amount. It considers the fixed interest rate and the compounding effect over the investment period.

Using the BOB PPF calculator empowers you to plan your savings effectively. You can visualise the growth of your investment and make informed decisions based on the projected maturity amount. It serves as a valuable tool in maximising the benefits of the PPF scheme and achieving your long-term financial objectives. 

How Does The BOB PPF Calculator Work?

The PPF account earns compound interest, which means your investment earns interest not only on the principal but also on the interest you have earned in previous years. This compounding effect helps your PPF investment grow significantly over time.

The PPF calculator uses the compound interest formula by factoring in the prevailing PPF interest rate fixed by the government and subject to periodic revisions. Using a PPF calculator allows you to enter the principal, yielding the maturity value and total interest you will earn. It is, thus, an excellent way to make informed decisions about your PPF investment. It allows you to assess different scenarios by adjusting the investment amount to see how it affects maturity.

What Is the BOB PPF Calculator Formula?

The BOB PPF calculator formula is given below:

F = P [({(1+i)^n}-1)/i]


F is the maturity value of your investment

P is the principal invested amount

i is the current interest rate

n is the investment tenure

How To Use the Online BOB PPF Calculator?

Follow the steps given below to use the BOB PPF calculator:

  • Visit Angel One website and navigate the BOB PPF calculator. 
  • Enter the initial investment amount.
  • Since the interest rate and tenure are pre-determined, you don't have to input the interest rate and tenure. 
  • The BOB PPF calculator will display the maturity value, total deposit amount, and the interest you will earn over the specified tenure.

Using the BOB PPF calculator, you can gain insights into the potential growth of your PPF investment and plan your savings effectively. 

To gain a better understanding, let's look at an example:

Suppose you want to invest Rs. 60,000 annually in a PPF account. Considering the 15-year lock-in period and the prevailing interest rate (7.1%), the online BOB PPF calculator will display the maturity value as Rs. 16,27,284. The total investment amount will be Rs. 9,00,000 and the interest you’ll earn will be Rs. 7,27,284.

Benefits Of Using a BOB PPF Calculator

There are several benefits of using the online BOB PPF calculator. Here are some of them: 

  • Accurate financial planning: The BOB PPF calculator allows you to accurately plan your finances by calculating the potential returns and maturity amount of your PPF investment. 
  • Time-saving and convenient: With the online BOB PPF calculator, you can save time and effort by quickly calculating your PPF returns online. There is no need for manual calculations or complex formulas. Simply input the necessary data, and the PPF calculator will provide instant results.
  • Enhanced financial awareness: The BOB PPF calculator increases your financial awareness by providing detailed information about your PPF investment. You can view the total deposit and the total interest you will earn. It empowers you to make informed decisions and track the progress of your PPF account effectively.
  • Comparison and analysis: The online BOB PPF calculator enables you to compare different investment scenarios by adjusting the investment amount and duration. It allows you to analyse the potential impact of various investment strategies and make the most suitable choice for your financial goals.
  • Accessibility: The PPF calculator is easily accessible on Angel One, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. It enhances the convenience of managing your PPF investments and monitoring their growth.

Eligibility Criteria for Opening a BOB PPF Account

You can open a PPF account if

  • You are an Indian citizen
  • You are over 18 years of age. There is no maximum age limit for opening a PPF account.
  • You are a parent/guardian opening a PPF account on behalf of a minor

It’s important to note that Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) cannot open a PPF account. Moreover, you can only open a single PPF account in your name. 


What is the BOB PPF Calculator?

The BOB PPF Calculator is an online tool that assists in calculating the maturity amount of your PPF investment. The PPF calculator considers the annual investment amount, tenure, and current interest rate to calculate the maturity value.

How to use the BOB PPF calculator online?

Visit the Angel One website and navigate to the online BOB PPF Calculator. Enter the yearly investment amount. Assume that the current interest rate is 7.1%, and the tenure is 15 years. The PPF calculator will consider all these values and display the maturity value of your PPF.

Is the BOB PPF calculator free to use?

Yes, the online BOB PPF calculator is available for free on the Angel One website. You can use it multiple times without incurring any charges.

What is the tenure of the BOB PPF?

PPF investment comes with a lock-in period of 15 years (as of June 2023). You can either close the account and withdraw the deposits or extend the PPF account with fresh deposits upon maturity. Moreover, partial withdrawals are allowed upon completion of 7 years.

What is the BOB PPF interest rate?

The current interest rate on PPF investments is 7.1% per annum (as of June 2023). However, this number is subject to change over time.

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