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What Is Andhra Bank PPF Calculator?

Many banks in India provide PPF accounts, and Andhra Bank is among them. Andhra Bank’s PPF account provides depositors with a nomination facility, loan benefits, and tax exemptions. To calculate the return on your PPF account upon maturity, you can use the online Andhra Bank PPF calculator on the Angel One website.

Public Provident Fund or PPF is among the most preferred government-backed investment instruments available to individuals. It allows you to build a corpus over time along with savings on taxes. Apart from this, the scheme also offers attractive interest rates which are fixed by the government. Investors can also seek loans against PPF.

The Andhra Bank PPF calculator is a handy tool that is free to use and can give you the desired result instantly. This PPF calculator is straightforward and can tell you the interest you can earn on your initial investment along with the PPF maturity amount. You can find the online Andhra Bank PPF calculator on the Angel One website and access it anytime for free.

How Does a ANdhra Bank PPF Calculator Work?

A PPF calculator works based on the compound interest formula. It requires you to input the value of your annual contribution to the PPF account to calculate the maturity amount. The prevailing interest rate and the tenure of 15 years are already considered. Since PPF norms allow you to increase investment tenure in blocks of 5 years after the minimum duration of 15 years, the calculator allows you to change tenure too.

What Is the Andhra Bank PPF Calculator Formula?

The Andhra Bank PPF calculator formula is below:

  • F = P [({(1+i) ^n} -1) /i]
  • Where,
  • F is the maturity amount
  • P is the annual instalment
  • i is the rate of interest and
  • n is the total number of years

How To Use the Andhra Bank PPF Calculator Online?

Using the online Andhra Bank PPF calculator on Angel One is simple and quick. To use the online tool, enter the amount you want to invest in your PPF account annually. The interest rate for your PPF account and the investment tenure of 15 years will be available by default, and the Angel One Andhra Bank PPF calculator will then display the maturity value along with the interest you will earn and the total amount you will invest during the tenure.

Let’s understand the above steps with an example.

Suppose you want to invest Rs. 1,00,000 annually in a PPF account. Once you enter this value in the Angel One online Andhra Bank PPF calculator, it will compute the interest and maturity amount in no time. Here, the interest earned till maturity will be Rs. 12,12,139. The maturity amount will be Rs. 27,12,139.

Benefits of using Andhra Bank PPF Calculator

The online Andhra Bank PPF calculator makes it easy to calculate the interest and the maturity value of your PPF contribution. Below are some of the benefits of using this calculator:

  • Eliminates calculation errors: An online PPF calculator accurately estimates the maturity amount of PPF and its interest potential using the formula that has been pre-programmed into the tool. This lets you skip the manual calculations that are prone to errors.

  • Financial planning: Since the calculator gives the estimated returns on a PPF, you can understand whether the corpus is enough for your financial goals or whether you should invest more. It also offers clarity regarding the affordability of annual contributions. It thus facilitates informed decision-making.

  • Free to use: The online PPF calculator is a free tool and thus accessible to everyone on the internet.

  • Saves time: The Angel One PPF calculator gives instant results, saving the time you would have taken calculating manually.


What Is the Andhra Bank PPF Calculator?

The Andhra Bank PPF Calculator is a free online tool that calculates the maturity amount along with the interest on your original investment. It can give you the result you want in a fraction of a second.

How To Use the Andhra Bank PPF Calculator Online?

To use the online Andhra Bank PPF calculator, visit the Angel One website and navigate to the PPF calculator page. Here, input the amount you wish to invest annually in PPF. The calculator will already have the prevailing interest rate and tenure and will use these values to calculate the maturity amount, the total amount you will invest, and the interest you will earn.

Is the PPF Calculator Free To Use?

The PPF calculator on the Angel One website is completely free.

What Is the Tenure of PPF?

A PPF account matures after 15 years. Once it reaches maturity, you can choose to extend it in 5-year blocks. However, you must make this decision within one year of the account’s maturity date.

What Is the PPF Interest Rate?

The Ministry of Finance determines the interest rate for a PPF account which is updated every quarter.

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