Equity Mutual Funds

Podcast Duration: 04:48
Angel One podcast ke iss episode me aapka swagat. Let’s dive into the world of learning about investing. Aapne mutual funds ke baare me toh suna hi hoga- jab bahut saare investors apne funds ekathe karke ek corpus ya pool of funds banate hain aur phir ye pool of funds ek fund manager ko dete hain, to manage and invest, it is called a mutual fund. Yahan par in sabhi investors ke investments goals aur risk appetite lagbhag similar hoti hai. Aur mutual fund manager ka objective hota hai ke wo research karke unn companies me is paise ko invest karein jo achha perform kar rahi ho. Eventually, the goal is higher returns.

So, equity mutual funds, jaisa ki naam se hi zaahir hai - try to invest across equity shares of companies. The technical part is ke Securities and Exchange Board of India yaani ki SEBI ki guidelines ke according equity mutual funds ka kam se kam 65% corpus equity-related instruments me aur 10% debt-related instruments me invest hona chahiye.

Kyuki in funds me equity ka bahut bada bhaag hai, inki performance market conditions par kaafi hadd tak depend karti hai. Iska ye bhi implication hai ke equity mutual funds debt funds se zyada risky hain, but at the same time they have a higher potential of yielding higher returns than the debt funds. Agar app equity mutual funds me invest karne ke baare me soch rahe hain, it would be useful to have a look at th features of equity mutual funds.

First of all, there is a financial goal. Usually, it would make sense if equity mutual funds ke liye wo log opt karein jo market-savvy as well as the budding investor who is keen on investing for the long-term. Yahan par keyword hai long-term. With equities, patience in the long-term is what pays off.

Next, in your assessment of equity mutual funds, you can look at the fund’s historical performance or the CRISIL rank. Make the most of the data available on the performance of the equity fund.

The next thing we often look at is the risk and the return. Jaisa maine pehle mention kiya tha, equity mutual funds ki performance market fluctuations par depend karti hai. Toh agar aapki risk appetite as an investor is strong, then equity funds are a great option. After all, thoda zyada risk lekar zyada returns ki possibility kise nahi pasand? Finally, you should know ke equity mutual funds ke saath usually ek lock-in period hota hai around 3 saal ka. Toh agar aap long-term me invest karna nahi chahte, then you should rethink your choice of equity mutual funds.

In the next part of the podcast, we will discuss the benefits of investing in equity mutual funds. Equity mutua funds ka matlab hua ke aapke funds small-cap, mid-cap aur large-cap stocks me invest kiye jayenge, depending on the amount of risk you want to take.

Ab aap jo risk le rahein hai, uska commensurate reward bhi toh milna banta hai na? That’s the first and foremost benefit of equity mutual funds. They have the possibility of high return. Aaj tak ki adhiktar investment schemes me equity mutual funds ke returns hamesha inflation ko surpass karte rahe hain. Over a long period of time, Stock prices badhte hi hain. That’s the principle Warren Buffet also abides by!

Toh phir iss baat me koi shak hi nahi hai ke equity mutual funds can be valuable to the investors. In fact, equity mutual funds can also help in diversification and thus, spreading your risk How? Because equity mutual funds me jo equity investments ki jaati hain, they are done across different sectors and companies with different capitalisations.

Aur to aur, kyuki equity mutual funds me aap apna portfolio fund manager ko dete hain, you also get the advantage of their industry experience and expertise. Fund managers ki saari industry research aur knowledge aapke funds ko sahi places par invest karne me hi to kaam aati hai! You not only delegate the management of the fund, but you also get their expert advice and skills of market analysis.

Equity mutual funds me invest karne ke liye aapko bahut saare paison ki bhi zarurat nahi. Ek systematic Investment plan yaani SIP ke zariye you can start investing in an equity fund with as less as Rs 500 per month.

Ant me main bas ye emphasise karna chahungi ke equity mutual funds aapke liye consider karne layak option hoga if you are in this for the longer run. Phir chahe aap young investor hon ya seasoned!