What Kind of Support Does Angel One Provide to its Authorised Person?

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by Angel One

Angel One Limited is one of the largest independent full-service broking houses in India. With over 2 decades of experience in this industry, their knowledge and access to the Indian online brokerage industry as an independent full-service broking house is unmatched. Trading with Angel One is very safe and effective. However, if you are interested in the stock market and are looking for a great place to begin your career in the broking space, becoming an authorised person in Angel One can be a good career choice for you.

Who is an authorised person?

An authorised person is similar to a broker in terms of the kind of work he/she carries out. Just as a broker acts as a middle-man between the stock exchange and the investor, an authorised person acts as a middle man between the investor and broker. The authorised person’s work mostly includes bringing clients into the broking house, explaining to them the various investment solutions tailored to their specific needs, and assisting them in dealing with securities and investing.

How Does Sub-broking Work?

As an authorised person, you work on a commission basis under/for the broker. For every transaction your client makes, you receive a certain percentage as commission from the brokerage fee a broker receives. This way you could be in the field and get hands-on experience, without actually being a certified broker. With more digitised broking houses, being an authorised person is easier and offers more learning options. However, as an authorised person, you will not be registered as a trading member under SEBI and so you are not entitled to a brokerage fee directly.

Benefits of a Being an Authorised Person

As an authorised person, you enjoy certain benefits. The first and most basic being a commission based remuneration model that allows you to earn each time your client makes a transaction. You also get access to key information in the stock market. You are not required to pay huge fees to get access to the latest specialised research and analysis on various stocks. Therefore, you can invest less and earn more as you will receive high incentives. Having said that, you also get to take part in a lot of in-house stock market workshops and conferences. Thus, you could learn and earn a lot as an authorised person.

Why Angel One?

As mentioned earlier, Angel One is one of the leading independent broking houses in India. Angel One is also a member of many official stock exchange markets such as the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI), National Stock Exchange (NSE), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), and Multi-Commodity Exchange of India (MCX). It is one of the best places to kick start your career.

What Kind of Support Does Angel One Provide to its Authorised Persons?

There are several support options you get at Angel One including exciting remuneration, workshop opportunities, low investment, increased infrastructure, and digital workspace, back-office support, training programmes, and much more.

Incentive-Based Remuneration

As an authorised person, you earn with every transaction your client makes. Angel One pays a commission of between 50 to 70 percent of the brokerage, one of the best in the industry. The more clients you acquire and the more transactions you initiate, the greater will be your income.

Diversify Your Knowledge of the Markets

As an authorised person (an authorised person) in Angel One, you will get to handle several products ranging from equity, commodities, currency, derivatives, life insurance to mutual funds and others. Thus, acquiring a client will be easier as you will have all solutions to any of their trading and investing needs.

Get Access to Angel One’s Network

Angel One has a digitized marketing focus which will aid you as an authorised person to acquire more clients. It simplifies your job and makes it easier for you. The tech interface provided will smoothen your communication with clients and give discussion points to make the interaction more efficient.

Low Initial Investment

You are required to pay a very nominal amount to start out as an authorised person with Angel One. Once you become an authorised person you start acquiring clients and providing services. You get a lot of training exposure, expertise advice, and also work within a well-built infrastructure that will highly benefit you.

Access to APIs for Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading leverages the power and speed of computation to send pre-programmed instructions to a trading terminal. Algorithmic trading empowers the trader to make use of vast quantities of historical and real-time pricing data to make smarter trading decisions and execute them much faster and in large quantities than is possible with simple trading platforms. Angel One provides its authorised persons access to SmartAPIsthat enable them to leverage the power of algorithmic trading.

Build Your Clientele Using Angel One Proprietary Technology such as TeleBOT

TeleBOT is a proprietary technology designed by Angel One that allows authorised persons to provide services to their clientele such as instant order placement, hassle-free demat account opening, and stock recommendations through their own Telegram channels. TeleBOT ensures a much shorter order placement process for the user and ensures that more users complete a trade, resulting in reduced drop-off rates, and in the end, higher earnings for the authorised person.

To Sum Up

Choosing to partner as an authorised person with Angel One brings with it perks like getting good support, excellent infrastructure, low investment, expert advice, professional training, workshops, and access to a  range of products that will help you to expand your clientele. At Angel One, all necessary support, financial perks, learning opportunities, and much more are provided, the rest is up to you, your knowledge, skills, and your willingness to work smart and hard!