How To Become A Financial Advisor

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by Angel One
Financial advisory is an attractive career that offers you a high salary and the freedom to work as an entrepreneur. Find out what it takes to become a registered financial advisor.

Financial advisors advise their clients to help them achieve their financial goals. They will create a roadmap for their clients to help them reach their financial targets through proper financial management. A big part of the financial advisor’s role includes instilling confidence in clients and making them feel relaxed while they manage their finances. Financial advisors are specialists in finance management and investment strategies. They play a critical role in our lives.

Financial advisory is an attractive career. If you are interested in finance, aware of how the financial market works, and willing to learn, this profession is rewarding and satisfactory. If you want to become a financial advisor, this article is for you.

Who are financial advisors?

They are professionals who help you make financial decisions, which may include investments and other courses of action. Financial advisors don’t only execute trades in the market on behalf of their clients. They offer services like personalised financial plans focusing on your financial goals. The role of a financial advisor also includes providing tax advisory, savings, budget, and insurance planning. A good financial advisor has the experience, passion, and desire for growth. 

Importance of a financial advisor

You may wonder why one would need a financial advisor with all the information available nowadays. It is because they are the specialists who help clients with their expertise. You may know your financial goals or how to achieve them, but you need more time to do it yourself. A financial advisor can help with that. The role of a financial advisor comes with lots of responsibilities. 

If it sounds like an exciting career option, here is how to become a financial advisor.

Eligibility to become a financial advisor 


Some big companies may ask for a Master’s degree in finance for the role, but most stockbroking firms will take candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in any stream. Since every company has different criteria, you should review the job description of other companies to learn about the minimum educational requirements. 


Since most clients prefer experienced financial advisors, you would need some experience before you can apply for the role. There are various ways forward to gain experience in the field. One can start as an intern with a company and move up the ladder. 


Besides financial knowledge, a good financial advisor must have good communication, interpersonal, and organisational skills.  


All financial advisors need to register with SEBI. We have explained below the registration requirements in detail. 

Becoming a registered financial advisor includes the following steps.

Fee-only advisors must register as a financial advisor or RIA with SEBI. 

  • They need certifications such as Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) accredited by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM).
  • CWM certification is offered by AAFM India and approved by AAFM US.

Commission-only financial advisors will need the following certifications.

  1. Insurance IRDA Examinations IRDAI IC 38
  2. Chartered Wealth Manager certification accredited by NISM.
  3. CWM certificate offered by AAFM India approved by AAFM US.

Scope of a financial advisor in India 

It is the most critical question in the mind of many individuals. Although it is more common for rich people to engage financial advisors to manage their money, anyone needing advice with their money can approach a finance advisor. 

A financial advisor doesn’t only provide investment advice but offers holistic financial planning that will help clients reach their financial goals easily. 

Some of the advice provided by financial advisors include

  • Saving systematically 
  • Control cash flow 
  • Plan budget
  • Allocating assets in investments 
  • Debt management
  • Tax saving to increase investment profit 
  • Insurance planning 


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