Good Till Trigger – New Tool For Investors


Angel One always innovates to bring new features for traders and investors. We make sure that every feature we add is useful as well as intuitive. Every new feature makes the Angel One experience faster, smoother, more powerful, and sometimes all three.

The Good Till Trigger (GTT) order feature is one such new feature. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Good Till Trigger

GTT order stands for Good till trigger order. GTT order allows you to place buy or sell orders at a predetermined limit price. These orders are executed if the market price of the stock reaches your specified price also called as Trigger Price before the GTT order expires.

A GTT order is a limit order where the product type can be delivery or margin. You cannot place GTT orders in the intraday product type. You can also place GTT orders in the derivatives segment. In this case the GTT order will be executed as a carry forward type order and order expiry will be as per contract expiry date.

Now let’s see what are the use cases for this feature

Use cases of this feature

The GTT order feature helps you to save your time and energy.

Suppose that you want to invest in a stock and you also have an entry position in mind. Or suppose that you want to exit your position at a certain price point. In both these cases you can create a GTT order with your desired price points and then stop tracking the movement of prices. Stock market prices are quite volatile and they go up and down. Whether you are a full time trader who’s into trading day in and day out, or you trade or invest in stocks on a part-time basis, and have a full-time job or business on the side, thus cannot track the price movement all day long, everyday – GTT is the tool to be used, it’s for everyone.

The GTT order allows you to execute trades at your desired price point automatically so you can do other things with your time.

How to place a GTT order

Let’s look at how easy it is to place the GTT order in the Angel One mobile app.

Step 1: Log in on the app and head to Discover.

Step 2: Tap on GTT under the Tools section.

Step 3: Tap on create GTT and search for the scrip for which you want to place the GTT order.

Step 4: Enter the quantity, the limit price, the trigger price or the price percentage and select the product type.

Step 5: Tap on create GTT.

That’s it – your GTT order is created. You can track the updates in the GTT section.

GTT Order

Create GTT Order


Are you interested in investing but the notion of extensive time commitment puts you off? Delay no longer. The Good Till Trigger feature of the Angel One mobile app and web platform, allows you to trade and invest at your own pace. Pick your entry and exit positions, place GTT orders, and let our smooth and automated processes take care of the rest.