What are Call and Trade (Auto Square Off) Charges?

Technological advancement has made it easier to trade stocks from anywhere with the help of your phone. Trading is only a phone call away with Angel One.

What is a call and trade?

If you cannot access your computer or the internet, you can call Angel One to buy and trade stocks. The executives will trade as per your instructions.

What are the charges levied on call and trade?

The brokerage for an executed trade is Rs. 20. If the transaction is done over a phone call, an additional charge of Rs. 20 + GST is levied for an executed call and trade order. The charges are levied only after the execution of a trade.

What are auto-square off charges?

If you place an order for intraday trading and do not close the open positions in the given timeframe, the order is auto-square off. The auto-square off is called offline trading, as the trader did not do it. The auto-square off time for Angel One is 3:15 pm.

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