Trading Platform/Tool

Online trading accounts provide much more than the convenience of trading. These accounts include various tools and platforms to provide users access from anywhere, making the entire procedure versatile. Moreover, the tools are available for making informed trading decisions that help to harness profit. Angel Eye from Angel One is an established trading platform that helps investors and traders to buy/sell stocks with intention to invest or earn profits.

Platforms for Online Trading

There are different platforms available for carrying out trading.

  • Website:

    Users can access their online trading account through the service provider site. Using the log-in name and password, traders can procure access to all the different services offered by the service provider. Most service providers offer access to trading accounts through smartphones and other devices, such as tablets and IPad. Some of the service providers offer specially designed websites for account-holders who use slow Internet connections.

  • Dealer-Assisted Trading:

    Experienced and qualified dealers will assist the account-holders to oversee their online share trading and provide guidance on making the right financial decisions. Moreover, users can call the dealers and complete trades on the phone. The dealers answer customer queries and offer the right financial advice to help users grow their capital and meet various financial goals and objectives.

  • Call and Trade:

    If the users do not have access to their computers, they can call to place their trades. The account-holders can place any number of orders and can deal in any segment, including cash, derivatives, and initial public offerings. Contrary to belief, the call and trade platform is completely secured because users have to pass through several levels of verifications ensuring no frauds can occur.

All the above online share trading platforms provide convenience and flexibility to the online stock trading account-holders. Moreover, it makes the entire procedure significantly less cumbersome and greatly reduces the need for completing the necessary paperwork related to stock market trading.

Tools for Online Share Trading

  • Stock Watchlist:

    It is not possible to search through the entire scrip list to monitor particular stocks of your interest. To make things simple for you, Stock Watchlist helps to keep a watch on a set of scrips that you are interested. The watchlist is customizable, and you can add or remove the scrips as per your wish. The list gives a holistic view of growth, % change, profit or loss, volume, and price movement, thus helping trader to take quick decisions.

  • Research Reports:

    Availing an online trading account with a reliable service provider gives access to excellent research and analysis undertaken by experienced and trained professionals. Users can also learn about market statistics, such as top losers and gainers, daily highs and lows, and buyers and sellers to make their investment decisions. The wide amount of research provides account-holders with all the knowledge they need to trade on the stock markets. For advanced traders, in-depth reports such as OHLC, Candlestick, and others are also provided to do technical analysis of stocks and plan trading strategies.

  • SMS Alerts:

    Users can stay informed on market trends and occurrences through the live updates offered by the service brokers through News alerts. In addition, they can set alerts and receive reminders through emails and SMS about their preferred investments to make the appropriate decisions.

Because every customer has unique needs, the service providers offer different platforms and tools to enhance their online trading experiences. Each account holder can avail these services as per his preference and requirements.