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What Is the IOB FD Calculator?

IOB Bank FD calculator aids in calculating the returns on an FD with the Indian Overseas Bank. Additionally, the online IOB FD calculator determines the wealth accumulation and maturity sum that investors may be eligible to earn from investments in the IOB FD Scheme.

The IOB FD calculator considers the investment amount, duration, interest rate, and compounding frequency to calculate the maturity amount from an FD investment. The online IOB Fixed Deposit Calculator, however, simply estimates the amount of money you can accumulate based on the data you enter.

Furthermore, when you make an investment in a fixed deposit with Indian Overseas Bank, you will know the precise maturity amount. However, the IOB FD calculator is a cost-free internet application. It can also be applied several times to calculate the returns on an IOB FD investment.

How Does an IOB FD Calculator Work?

An online IOB FD calculator can help you calculate your maturity amount effortlessly. FD maturity calculations are difficult because of the involvement of a number of variables. The online IOB FD calculator does all the job for you and provides you with accurate results in a click so that you make a wise and informed decision.

What Is the IOB FD Calculator Formula?

It is necessary to adhere to a precise formula in order to calculate the FD profitability manually or by using a calculator. Here’s the IOB FD calculator formula:

A = P(1+r/n)^nt


  • A = maturity amount
  • P = principal amount
  • t = tenure
  • r = interest rate
  • n = frequency at which interest will be compounded in a year.

How to Use the IOB FD Calculator Online?

To calculate the FD maturity amount, the steps listed below should be followed to calculate the final sum using IOB FD online calculator:

  • Determine the amount of investment first and enter it in the total investment field.
  • Fill in the expected rate of interest the bank offers.
  • Add the investment horizon in the duration field.
To illustrate it better, let’s discuss the example below:
  • P = Rs. 6,00,000
  • t = 8 years
  • r = 6.1/100 = 0.061
Thus, the maturity amount will be shown to be Rs. 9,73,839. You will also be shown the total return on the investment which is the difference between the maturity amount and the principal that had been invested.

Therefore, return on investment = A – P (9,73,839 – 6,00,000) = Rs. 3,73,839

Benefits of Using an IOB FD Calculator
  • Future readiness: Investors can make more wise and informed investment decisions if they are aware of the expected maturity and interest rate on the investment. This will assist in accomplishing the investing objective, whether it be short-term or long-term.
  • Quick, perfect calculations for free: The FD calculator gives you the figures that you are looking for in less than a second - this means you can collect the maturity amounts for scores of different FD schemes in amatter of minutes. Every time you use it, it gives you an error-free number - this may not have been the case had you done the calculations manually on your own. It does not charge any fee at any point and is available on the Angel One website for everyone.
  • Comparison: Different banks offer different interest rates. Using the online calculator helps us to understand the maturity amount that we will get from a given rate of return. Therefore, choosing a better investment option based on future goals is also possible.

IOB FD Calculator FAQs

What is the IOB FD calculator?

Calculating the returns on an FD with the Indian Overseas Bank is made easier by the IOB Bank FD Calculator. The IOB FD calculator online calculates the wealth accumulation and maturity amount that investors may be eligible to receive from investments in the IOB FD Scheme.

How to use the IOB FD calculator online?

Using the IOB FD calculator is easy and simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Determine the sum that you wish to invest.
  • Choose the interest rate offered by the bank.
  • Select the tenure of the investment.
  • Once you have decided on the above parameters, you can allocate the values in this formula:
    A = P (1+r/n) ^ nt

    Is the IOB calculator free to use?

    Yes. The IOB calculator is free to use. You can use it anytime from any place using a device with an internet connection.

    How much can be the minimum tenure of your bank fixed deposit?

    The minimum tenure of the FD can be anywhere between a weekdays and a few years. A short-term fixed-rate deposit has a maturity period that ranges from 7 days to 12 months.

    Is there a penalty if the bank FD is withdrawn prematurely?

    Yes. The investor is required to pay a set sum to the bank as a penalty in the event of an early withdrawal.

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