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What Is the Post Office FD Calculator?

The Post Office FD calculator is quite handy when planning personal finance. It is a simple and convenient tool to calculate a Post Office FD's maturity amount for a given investment, rate of return and duration.

For context, fixed deposits (FD) are risk-free investments that provide rates of return that tends to be higher than that of savings deposits. The rate of return here is fixed. Hence you can calculate the exact figure of the return you will get beforehand.

Now, to calculate the returns or the maturity amount, you can choose to either apply a formula manually or simply use an online FD calculator.

How Does an Post Office FD Calculator Work?

A Post Office FD online calculator works based on a compound interest formula. To use it, you simply have to enter the following values of the FD under consideration -

  1. Total investment (or principal)
  2. Interest Rate
  3. Duration (or tenure of investment)

Upon entering these values, the calculator will automatically show you the future value of the investment and the estimated return.

What Is the Post Office FD Calculator Formula?

The Post Office FD calculator formula for calculating the maturity amount for a fixed deposit is the following - 

Maturity Amount= p (1+r/n)^ nt


P = Principal amount

t = Time Period

n = Frequency of compounding in each time period

r = Rate of Interest

How to Use the Post Office FD Calculator Online?

The online Post Office FD calculator of Angel One helps you calculate and compare all the maturity amounts for the fixed deposits for various durations at the Post Office.

For example, suppose you have Rs. 2,00,000 to invest for 5 years. There is an FD that gives 6.25% interest. To calculate the interest amount, you simply have to - 

  1. Go to the Post Office FD calculator page on the Angel One website.
  2. Enter Rs. 2,00,000 under “Total Investment”
  3. Enter the interest rate as 6.25%
  4. Enter the duration as 5 years

You will then automatically find the future value of the investment at the end of 5 years to be Rs. 273,380 and the estimated return to be Rs. 73,380. You can then repeat the process for as many FD schemes as you want and compare their returns.

Benefits of Using an Post Office FD Calculator

  1. Predicting Your Investment's Maturity Amount: The calculator helps you accurately estimate the final maturity amount of your investment as well as the return that you will make on the principal, in advance.
  2. Accelerated decision-making process: Thanks to the speed and simplicity of these calculations, investors can effortlessly compare the potential gains from an FD against a range of alternative investment options, including other FDs or different durations for the same FD.
  3. Free, Accurate, and User-Friendly: Utilising just your phone or laptop from the comfort of your home, you can access the estimation tool without the need to pay any fees. In addition, the automation of the calculations ensures accuracy, saving you both time and effort.

Types of Post Office FD Schemes

Post office FD is available in four tenures, each with a particular corresponding interest rate. This interest is payable annually but calculated quarterly. As such, a TDS applies to the interest received by the investor. But then, a 5-year post office FD allows you to have tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Only one fixed deposit is allowed per account - but then, you can open multiple accounts in post offices. The FD has a lock-in period of 6 months, during which it cannot be withdrawn. After that, a premature withdrawal facility is available but at a penalty.

Factors Influencing Post Office FD Earnings

  1. Principal Amount: The principal refers to the investment amount contributed by the investor. Note that a higher initial investment will result in a higher maturity amount.
  2. Tenure of Investment: The tenure of investment represents the duration until the investment matures, after which the funds are withdrawn. The longer the investment tenure, the greater the interest earned on the principal amount.
  3. Rate of Interest: The interest rate signifies the return received on the investment after each time period. Consequently, a higher interest rate leads to a greater maturity amount.
  4. Frequency of Compounding: This factor pertains to the frequency at which the interest is computed and added to the principal within a specified time frame. A higher compounding frequency yields a larger amount of interest earned. This is because the compounding effect is applied more frequently, resulting in more substantial returns.
  5. Taxation: A higher tax rate reduces the overall amount received as returns, effectively impacting the investor's net gains.
  6. Inflation: Despite earning a high return on the FD, the real value of the returns may be diminished if the prevailing inflation rate is high.

Post Office FD Calculator FAQs

What is the Post Office FD calculator?

The Post Office FD calculator is a free online tool for calculating the final maturity amount you will earn by investing a principal amount for a particular scheme of Post Office FD.

How to use the Post Office FD calculator online?

Visit the Angel One Post Office FD calculator page. Enter the principal, interest rate and investment tenure. You will immediately be able to check the amount that you will receive on maturity.

Is the Post Office FD calculator free to use?

Yes, the online Post Office FD calculator available on the Angel One website is absolutely free to use. All you have to do is visit the page and enter the required scheme details to get your investment's future value.

How much can be the minimum tenure of your bank fixed deposit?

The exact number of days or months varies from bank to bank and from scheme to scheme. Post Office FDs offer various schemes with different durations and corresponding interest rates.

What is the interest rate on Post Office FD?

The exact interest rate depends on the fixed deposit scheme, the tenure of investment. However, external factors such as policy rates may impact the FD rates.

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