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What Is the IDBI Bank FD Calculator?

A Fixed Deposit (FD) is the safest investment avenue for retail investors. It is a fixed-income instrument issued by banks and financial institutions, where you can invest a particular sum for a specific tenure and earn guaranteed returns. As the income from fixed deposits is fixed, you can use the IDBI Bank FD calculator to ascertain the returns before investing.

It is an online calculator that you can use to determine the expected returns and the maturity amount for a fixed deposit. While calculating the returns, this calculator takes the principal amount, tenure, and interest rate into account to derive the maturity amount. As an investor, you must know that FDs are available for different periods, and the interest rate differs from one issuer to another.

How Does an IDBI Bank FD Calculator Work?

This FD calculator considers either compound interest or simple interest formula as per the issuer’s policy. To calculate the returns and the maturity amount for your FD investment, the online IDBI Bank FD calculator considers the principal sum, tenure, and interest rate. You just need to enter the required details correctly, and the calculator will give you accurate results in no time.

What is the IDBI FD Calculator Formula?

IDBI Bank FD calculator uses the below formula to calculate the final returns on the amount initially deposited:

A = P(1+r/n)^nt


  • A = Maturity Amount i.e. total of the principal amount and your interest earnings
  • P = Principal Amount i.e. lump sum amount you wish to park in the FD
  • r = Rate of Interest i.e. rate at which you have agreed to invest in FD
  • n = Frequency of Compounding i.e. number of times the interest is compounded in a period
  • t = Tenure i.e. period for which you plan to invest
The above IDBI Bank FD calculator formula helps accurately arrive at the maturity value of your fixed deposit investment.

How to Use the Online IDBI Bank FD Calculator?

This easy-to-use online calculator comes in handy for investors like you to arrive at the maturity amount and know expected returns before investing. Follow the below steps to use the online IDBI Bank FD calculator -

  • Enter the amount you wish to invest in an FD
  • Select the interest rate your issuer is offering
  • Move the bar to choose the tenure for which you want to invest.
The future value of your investment can now be seen on your screen within seconds.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Mr. A has kept aside Rs. 5 lakh in a IDBI Bank FD for 8 years. Assume that the interest rate for the said FD is 6.5%. To calculate the maturity proceeds, follow the below steps:

  • Enter Rs. 5,00,000 in the principal field
  • Select the interest rate at 6.5%
  • Choose a tenure of 8 years
In an instant, the FD calculator will ascertain the interest and maturity. In this case, the interest earned will be Rs. 3,37,506, and the maturity amount will be Rs. 8,37,506.

Benefits of Using an Online IDBI Bank FD Calculator

A few benefits of using an IDBI Bank FD calculator are mentioned below:

  • It eliminates calculation errors: This IDBI Bank FD calculator is an online tool working on advanced mechanisms and, thus, does not involve any miscalculation risks arising from manual calculation errors.
  • It helps analyse the impact of variables: It considers multiple variables such as principal, interest, and tenure to determine the expected returns and the maturity amount. Therefore, you can try various combinations of principal and tenure for your IDBI bank FD before you invest your hard-earned money.
  • It aids in the comparison of different FDs: Using the online IDBI Bank FD calculator, you can compute wealth gained from other FDs and compare them to make an informed investment decision.
  • It saves time and effort: To ascertain the maturity amount, you just need to enter the required variables (principal, interest, and tenure), and the result will be out in seconds. This saves time and effort as it removes the hassle of complex calculations.

IDBI FD Calculator FAQs

What is the IDBI Bank FD calculator?

The online IDBI Bank FD calculator determines a particular FD's estimated returns and maturity amount. It works on the principle of compound interest formula in which principle, interest rate, and tenure are the variables.

How to use the IDBI Bank FD calculator online?

Visit Angel One website >> head to the IDBI Bank FD calculator page >> Enter principal, interest rate, and tenure. The expected gain and the maturity amount will be visible on your screen.

Is the IDBI bank calculator available online for free?

Yes. You can access the IDBI Bank FD calculator completely free by visiting the Angel One website.

What is the interest rate on the IDBI Bank FD calculator?

The interest rate for each FD differs based on the issuer, principal, and tenure. Therefore, before investing in an FD, you must know the interest rate and compare it with other issuers.

How do you calculate FD maturity amount?

You can calculate the FD maturity amount by entering the principal amount, interest rate and duration into an online FD calculator, such as the one present on the Angel one website. Once you enter the values, you will automatically get the maturity amount.

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