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What is The DHFL FD Calculator?

We offer a financial tool called DHFL FD Calculator, which can be used to determine the principal and interest accrued on a fixed deposit by DHFL. The calculator is a free online tool that you can use at any time on Angel One.

The DHFL FD Calculator estimates fixed deposit returns with precision by factoring in deposit amount, tenure, and interest rate. For fixed deposits, it employs a basic interest calculation method.

In order to use the calculator, you must enter the deposit amount, choose the duration (in years), and select the interest rate. When you enter these variables, the calculator quickly determines the total amount due at maturity along with the accrued interest.

By allowing you to compare the returns on various deposit amounts, terms, and interest rates, the DHFL FD Calculator helps you make informed investment decisions.

How Does DHFL FD Calculator Work?

You can use the DHFL FD Calculator to estimate how much interest you will earn on an FD with DHFL. The calculator uses the compound interest formula to derive the final value from the principal amount, interest rate, and time period entered. It's a helpful tool for budgeting and making important financial choices.

What is the DHFL FD Calculator Formula?

When calculating the total interest earned, the formula takes into account the principal amount, the interest rate, and the length of time that has passed since the FD was opened.

Here’s the DHFL FD Calculator formula:

Maturity Amount = P*(1+r/n)^nt


  • p = principal amount
  • r = rate of interest
  • n = frequency of compounding
  • t = tenure

How To Use the DHFL FD Calculator Online?

Simple steps to use the DHFL FD (Fixed Deposit) calculator online are:

  • Enter the principal amount you want to invest in the FD.
  • Choose the expected interest rate on the fixed deposit.
  • Next, select the FD's tenure or duration.
You can quickly see the estimated interest and maturity amount.

Let’s understand the above steps with an example. Suppose you want to invest Rs. 50,000 in an FD for 5 years at an interest rate of 7.5%. Using the DHFL FD calculator on Angel One’s website, you can calculate the interest and maturity proceeds as follows:

  • Enter the 50,000 principal amount
  • Key in the interest rate as 7.5% p.a.
  • Choose the tenure as 5 years
The FD calculator will quickly calculate the interest and maturity amount. The interest earned in this case is Rs. 22,497. The maturity value is Rs. 72,497.

Benefits of Using the DHFL FD Calculator

  • Accurate Results: The FD Calculator replaces time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations. The calculator quickly determines the maturity sum, interest earned, and growth of your investment after you input the principal amount, interest rate, and tenure.
  • Comparison of Options: It can be used to compare different investment opportunities. Investors can quickly evaluate various scenarios and select the optimal option that offers the highest returns by adjusting the parameters, such as the principal amount, interest rate or duration.
  • Informed Decision-making: The DHFL FD Calculator helps investors see exactly how much their investment could grow. The results of the calculator can be used to make informed choices about the loan's principal, term, and interest rate to better meet the user's financial goals.

DHFL FD Calculator FAQs

What is the DHFL FD calculator?

The DHFL FD calculator is a tool for estimating the returns on DHFL fixed deposits by giving inputs such as the investment amount, the tenure, and the interest rate. It's a useful tool for financial planning.

How to use the DHFL FD calculator online?

Go to the DHFL FD calculator on Angel One’s website and enter the necessary information, such as investment amount, tenure, and interest rate. The calculator will display the maturity amount as well as the interest.

How is fixed deposit interest calculated?

The fixed deposit interest can be found by subtracting the principal amount from the total maturity amount. You can use the DHFL FD calculator to find the maturity amount for free.

Is the DHFL FD calculator free to use?

Yes, the DHFL FD calculator is completely free to use. It is accessible on Angel One website and allows users to calculate the interest earned.

What is the interest rate on DHFL FD?

DHFL fixed deposit offers competitive interest rates. The rates depend on the tenure and principal amount. The higher the variables, the higher the returns.

How much can be the minimum tenure of your bank fixed deposit?

The minimum tenure of the FD can be between a week and a few years. The maturity period for a short-term fixed-rate deposit can range from 7 days to 12 months.

Is there a penalty if the bank FD is withdrawn prematurely?

Yes. Banks/financial institutions charge a penalty in the event of an early withdrawal of an FD.

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