5 Ways Top Brokerages Support Their Authorised Person Network

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by Angel One

An authorised person is someone who acts as an intermediary between a brokerage firm and the investor. As a result brokerage firms extend all manner of support to their authorised persons in order to encourage them. This article looks at some of the ways in which  brokerage firms help their authorised person network.

1. Access to Latest Technology and Trading Tools

With the advent of demat accounts and online trading, brokerage firms evolved in their systems, and a bulk of the trading action began to shift from the trading floor to the  brokerage firm’s website. The Stock Exchange began offering licenses to brokers so that they could utilize their site and promptly place orders on the customer’s behalf on the portal. The advanced trading platforms deployed by leading brokerage firms are fast and powerful, and make all the difference between a successful and a losing trade in the markets. The brokerage firms in turn  offer access to their  highly advanced trading platform/terminals to their authorised persons  with the following benefits:

Trading terminals/platforms incorporate real market data and quotes.This is the most important element, and it should be present in every trading terminal. The trading platform is geared to provide you with the most recent stock values from various segments. Some terminals have the capacity to handle all segments simultaneously, i.e., you can trade currencies, commodities, and derivatives all in the same application.

Brokerages often provide their authorised persons access to APIs needed for algorithmic trading. Trading APIs are applications that can handle large amounts of data, and are capable of executing millions of orders daily. With the right algorithm, trading APIs can make all the difference between success and failure in the markets.

Trading platforms are outfitted with complex analytical tools that can combine previous data and patterns to make forecasts. These tools are developed in such a way that they will work out the greatest lucrative stock investment for you after conducting in-depth research.

Every trading platform will present users with a clear and user-friendly interface to place the order in the most simple way possible. Some platforms have also published tutorials on “how and when to trade” utilizing the platform to help new entrants grasp the marketplace. All Trading Platforms would make significant contributions to its speed and efficiency.

Trading tools are fitted with cutting-edge charting and graphic solutions. They present all facts in a simplified and graphical format that is simple to learn and integrate. The tool’s navigation is also done in such a way that a neophyte might use it with ease.

When using these terminals, all data and information are safeguarded in an encrypted format. Data security is of critical importance, and as a result, all authorised persons who have these platforms designed have this evaluated first.

Any trading platform will have a trading dashboard from which to place orders; however, some brokerage firms have added additional features to their platform to make it more accessible to the regular trader. For a day trader, time is money; even a fraction of a second lost means the deal is lost. As a result, shortcut buttons or hot-keys must be included to allow for faster order tracking and placement. Further, ordering capabilities are improved to handle sophisticated order types such as bracket orders, scheduled orders, concealed orders, Peg orders, orders with algorithmic scaling, and basket orders, among others.

2. Access to Stock Market Research and Analysis

Brokerage firms give important stock market information to their authorised persons so that they can use it to enhance their market understanding and personal trading. authorised persons are offered great commissions with every trade they place. They are also permitted to trade privately with their capital. This peer loop allows authorised persons to not only serve their clients but also to fuel their investments.

3. Access to Alternate Investment Options

Frequently brokerage firms enable their authorised persons to provide alternative investment choices to their clients, such as mutual funds and loans, allowing authorised persons to obtain the expertise of assets other than equities.

4. Constant Skill Upgradation

Brokerage firms conduct training for authorised persons through webinars, seminars, and conferences. This enables the authorised person to stay relevant in the field.Brokerage firms are committed to providing ongoing assistance to the authorised person network. Brokerage firms also offer marketing and technology solutions to help authorised persons clients.

5. Low Entry Barrier

As an authorised person, users do not need a large investment because the franchiser covers the majority of the expenditures. Authorised Persons just need to put up a nominal amount to get started as an authorised person.

To Sum Up

Top brokerage firms have a strong brand value in the market, which helps authorised persons build confidence and trust with their clients. This also aids authorised persons’ professional development.

Authorised persons and brokerage firms complement one another and benefit from one another. Angel One, for instance, is one of India’s leading full-service brokers that offers a complete range of brokerage solutions while also supporting its authorised person network with all the help they need to launch their careers.