Share/Stock Research: Market Analysis Techniques

2 mins read
by Angel One

Research helps investors to find out the potential of a security before they invest in it. Fundamental Research and Technical Research are two types of research used to first
analyze and then value a security. All stock market tips are formulated after thorough research by experts.

Importance of Research in stock market investments

Performing a research before making an investment is a must. It is only after a thorough research that you can make some assumptions into the value and future performance of an investment. Even if you are following stock trading tips, it ideal to do some research, just to ensure that you are making an investment that’s expected to get you maximum returns.

When you make an investment, in essence, you are buying tiny parts of a business with the hope of making a profit when the value of the business increases. Before buying anything, be it a car or phone, you do some degree of research about its performance and quality. An investment is no different. It is your hard earned money that you are about to invest, so you must have a fair knowledge of what you are investing in.