Strategies to Select a good Portfolio Management Service

If you are a High Net-Worth Individual (HNI) or institution, looking for flexibility in investments, along with good returns, then you can zero in on the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India. Besides providing a range of investment solutions, the top portfolio management services in India will provide for streamlined and professional management of your investments.

In contrast to a portfolio management service in India, direct investments by individuals or institutions are fraught with multiple necessities such as proper knowledge of the market, access to the requisite tools for fundamental and technical analysis, market experience, constant monitoring, and impeccable decision-making skills.

Features and benefits of portfolio management service in India

Customised solutions:

Based on your investment objective and requirements, the professional money manager will create a diversified portfolio by investing in different asset classes such as stocks, debt instruments, fixed income instruments, etc. The key here is to strike the right balance between the various asset classes to receive optimum returns.

Adequate risk management:

All the good portfolio management services in India will allocate the asset classes only after understanding your risk appetite. The portfolio diversification exercise is undertaken by the professional manager to manage various types of risks such as market risk, liquidity risk, taxability risk, inflationary risk, regulatory risk, interest rate risk, and so on.

Types of portfolio management services in India

Good portfolio management services in India provide for two types of services :

Discretionary portfolio management services in India:

Here, the investments are solely at the discretion of the professional fund manager, without any intervention of the client. Once the client informs the fund manager of key factors, including financial objectives and risk tolerance, the latter proceeds with making investment decisions, on behalf of the client. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the services, regular meetings can be scheduled with the client for evaluation and assessment. Most companies in India provide discretionary PMS.

Non-discretionary portfolio management service in India:

Here, the professional fund manager provides various investment solutions to clients, as per their individual requirements and objectives. The role of the fund manager, in this case, is limited only to formulate ideas or solutions, and the client is at complete liberty to incorporate the ideas or reject them.

Strategies to select a very good portfolio management services in India

Now that you know the basics of portfolio management services, here is a look at strategies to select the ideal PMS:

Look for a portfolio management service with the right investment approach:

You should look for the top portfolio management service in India, following the principles of value and growth investing. The correct  investment approach is to focus on capital preservation while zeroing in on low-risk and high-return stocks. This can involve identifying the high return stocks at their earlier stages of growth, besides considering the real valuation of stocks. Remember, the top fund or money managers will never invest in stocks, solely based on their absolute market capitalization. At times, the good portfolio management service in India will also pick contrarian or unpopular stocks to invest in as these might have a higher potential for delivering good yield in the long term.

Look for proficient and streamlined services:

While selecting a good portfolio management service in India, you must look at the efficiency and convenience of the services being provided. You must select a PMS, providing online access to your portfolio, regular fund performance reports along with fund manager’s expert reports to stay updated on the performance of your funds. Alongside, look for a PMS that provides an annual CA-certified profit and loss account together with a balance sheet of investments. For superior services, consider crucial factors such as a dedicated fund coordinator for queries, centralized team of service coordinators, event-based interactions with the fund management team, and the option to avail services from a range of branches across the country.

Look for portfolio management services having a competitive edge:

To select the top portfolio management services in India, you must zero in on services having an edge over their competitors. To get the most out of your funds, look for features, like the absence of entry load, zero lock-in period, flexibility to shift from one investment strategy to another, additional purchase facility, and withdrawal facilities. Also, you must keep in mind that all good portfolio management services in India have an edge over their peers by providing multiple advantages. These include having an experienced and top-notch fund management team, dedicated and customized client servicing along with a personal relationship manager, proactive fund management, robust investment strategy, and regular newsletters from the team.

Look for hassle-free services:

When you want your money to be managed by the ideal portfolio management services in India, will you want to get bogged by any administrative hassles? Invariably not. Therefore, you must zero in on suitable portfolio management services, which take care of all the regulatory and administrative hassles of your investments.

Look for a personalized approach:

The top portfolio management services in India will invariably focus on a personalized approach, with direct interaction with the fund manager and the team via personal meetings, conference calls, video calls, written communications, and so on.

Look for convenience in filing tax returns:

While zeroing in on really good portfolio management services in India, remember to consider the key factor of receiving audited reports, either on a half-yearly or annual basis to calculate your tax liability. You can then file the tax returns yourself or by approaching a tax consultant.


Thus, portfolio management services in India can provide you the opportunity for greater flexibility of investments along with optimum returns. In the case of discretionary portfolio management services, stocks and securities will be purchased and sold in your name by transferring the power of attorney to the name of the fund/money manager. While selecting the top portfolio management services in India, look for crucial variables such as greater transparency and value-added services. With active review and balancing, world-class management, robust investment strategy, and matchless features, Angel One offers a really good discretionary portfolio management service in India.