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How much will you receive on your Fixed Deposit upon maturity?

Fixed deposit is a traditional form of investment that generates a fixed return over a fixed period. So, once you know the investable amount, interest rate, and tenure, you can easily compute the maturity amount on your investment. But instead of using the complex FD formula, you can use an online FD calculator to know your return in advance. All you need to do is enter the investment amount and tenure. The calculator will display the maturity value and earned interest. Using the FD calculator, you can compute monthly interest as well

With Angel One FD interest calculator, plan your investment smartly. It runs on a simple algorithm, and you don’t need any technical expertise to use it. You can use this calculator if you are an NRI customer. It is quick, accurate, and unbiased. So, go ahead and use our FD calculator to know the return on your FD investment.

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Advantages Of Using An Online FD Calculator

Calculating maturity value on a fixed deposit is a complicated and time-consuming process. But you can now avoid tedious calculations using a fixed deposit calculator. Here are a couple of advantages of using an FD calculator.

  • It saves time by swiftly calculating the accurate value
  • Calculating the maturity value on FD - principal amount and interest payouts – has gotten simplified by using the FD calculators. These tools calculate results based on user input
  • You can use these tools to compare different investment opportunities

A fixed deposit is a financial instrument offered by Indian banks that helps you build wealth with a fixed tenure and return to accomplish your financial goals. Nowadays, banks offer a hoard of different FD products to attract customers. Use of online FD calculator has made it easier to compare different products available to select the best. You can use an Angel One Fixed Deposit Interest calculator

  • To compute annualised returns on your investment
  • To compare between different investment options and returns
  • To determine how much you need to invest for your financial goal
  • To compute how much your investment will earn
You can use the Fixed Deposit Interest calculator unlimited times for free. It is the best way to set your expectations right and streamline your investment goals.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fixed Deposit a good investment choice?

Fixed Deposit is a popular financial instrument, known to offer a conservative return on your investment. It is considered the safest investment choice since it is not exposed to market risks. But the popularity of FD in India is declining fast; mainly because of shrinking interest income. The interest in FD depends on government policies and is moderated by RBI. Recently, return on Fixed Deposits dwindled further as RBI slashed FD interest rate under the current economic performance. However, it is still a good option if you want a steady income on your investment or to diversify your current portfolio to lower risk exposure. If you want to compute returns in advance, use an online Fixed Deposit calculator for fast and accurate results.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of FD investment?

Fixed Deposit is a type of term deposit that gives you an assured return on your investment at the end of the tenure. And, like any other investment options, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Safe investment with a fixed return
  • The return on maturity is unaffected by market volatility
  • You can easily calculate the maturity amount
  • Not influenced by market risks like equities
  • Suitable for investors looking for a conservative return
  • Suitable for senior investors and they also get a higher rate of return on FD

  • Disadvantages
  • Low liquidly, may attract penalty if withdrawn before completion of tenure
  • Low return as compared to other investment vehicles; not suitable for aggressive young investors
  • Fixed return; not adjusted to the inflation rate
  • Not an excellent choice for long-term wealth creation
  • Should I invest in FD or stocks?

    Investment decision must depend on your financial goals.

    Areas of concern Fixed Deposit Stocks/Equity Investment
    Type Lumpsum investment No minimum or maximum amount. The investor can choose his market exposure
    Tenure Fixed tenure - 12 months or 36 months or more No tenure. You can invest for few hours to few days. Though long term investment has better pay off
    Risk Minimal risk. Fixed assured return at the end of the tenure Subject to market risks.  8-10 percent average return on your investment in the long run
    Return Fixed interest earning. Low to moderate Depends on market volatility
    Liquidity Fixed tenure. Early withdrawal may attract penalty Highly liquid
    Trading Can’t be traded Can be traded anytime
    Inflation sensitivity None Can beat inflation

    How do I use a Fixed Deposit calculator?

    Angel One’s Fixed Deposit interest calculator is simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide to use it.

  • Enter the principal amount and interest rate in their respective fields
  • Choose investment duration – select frequency from the dropdown
  • Enter Frequency of Compounding from dropdown – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and such.
  • Click on ‘Çalculate’
  • The maturity value ánd interest earned will be displayed on the same screen

  • Once you decide on investment amount and tenure, click on ‘Invest on FD’ button to book your Fixed Deposit. Angel One FD calculator is a simple way to calculate return on your investment and streamline your financial goals.

    How do I calculate interest amount on FD investment?

    Received interest on your FD investment depends on factors like invested amount, rate of interest, type of FD (cumulative or non-cumulative), and tenure. It is a complex calculation. But using a Fixed Deposit calculator, you can do it easily and save a lot of time. Angel One FD calculator gives you an error-free estimate of maturity amount.

    Angel One FD calculator will show you the result immediately, and it is effortless to use; takes a few seconds only.

    How can I calculate the maturity amount?

    The maturity amount on your FD depends on several factors like invested amount, tenure, interest rate and frequency of interest payment. The interest amount gets compounded periodically and paid out at the end of the maturity period. Here is a formula to calculate the maturity value on FD.

    MA = maturity amount
    P = Principal amount
    r = Interest rate
    t = Tenure
    n = compounded interest frequency

    let’s consider it with an example. For simplicity, we are assuming that Rs 100,000 is invested for three years at 8 percent interest rate. Interest on the account gets credited quarterly.

    A= 100000*1.26824
    Return on maturity = 126824

    Why should I use an FD calculator?

    FD calculator helps you find out maturity amount on your Fixed Deposit easily.

    Like any other financial decision, investing in FD must also align with your financial goals. Thankfully, you can calculate the maturity amount in advance using a Fixed Deposit Calculator. Calculating the outcome on your FD investment in advance will help you anticipate your return and plan your budget accordingly. Online FD calculators are an easy way to compare different FD choices available with different financial companies. You can then easily pick the one that offers you the desirable return.

    Fixed Deposit is unlike other investment options where the return is uncertain. So, you can easily find out what you are going to get on maturity and arrange your goals accordingly.

    What are the advantages of using a Fixed Deposit interest calculator?

    There are a couple of them.

  • Since FD gives assured return at the end, you can calculate maturity amount beforehand
  • Error-free calculation; saves a lot of time in a complex calculation
  • Simplifies FD return calculation in a few steps
  • You can enter multiple values and compare maturity amounts between different investment choices to select the best one
  • How does FD calculator help with financial planning?

    FD calculator helps with financial planning in two ways.

    1.It helps to compare between FD plans from different banks and NBFCs
    2.Once you calculate how much return you can get from a Fixed Deposit, you can either choose to reinvest or withdraw after the tenure

    Will I have to pay to use your FD calculator?

    No, Angel One FD calculator is absolutely free to use. It is one of the services that we offer to our clients to help them plan with financial planning. We emphasise that you must always make an informed investment decision and feel confident about your financial well-being.

    Is the result of the FD calculator accurate?

    Angel One is known to be a pioneer in using the most advanced technology to help its clients find the best investment solutions. Our FD calculator is unbiased and works on the latest algorithm.

    What is the minimum investment amount required to start a bank FD?

    Fixed deposit is a form of lumpsum investment, meaning you need to invest the principal amount initially. The more you invest, the higher will be the interest-earning. The minimum threshold for a bank FD usually varies between the banks and ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.

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