Your Passwords & OTPs are only for You!

Never share your Account credentials, Passwords or OTPs with others

Your Angel One account contains sensitive information such as your PAN number, mobile number, date of birth, email ID, address, bank details, etc.

Unauthorized access to this information can have terrifying consequences such as financial loss, or identity theft. Hence, it is critical that only you have access to your account.

Simple tips to keep your account safe:

  • Never Share your Account Credentials (Login/User ID) or Password or OTP with others.
  • Treat these details as highly confidential and never keep them out in the open where someone can view or access them.
  • Avoid links sent through SMS from unknown numbers. These could be attempts to take over your device and access private information.
  • Don’t access your account from public devices or via public Wifi. Use only your personal device to do so.

Treat your investment account with due respect and do your best to keep it safe. After all, these are your hard-earned savings!

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