Trading & Settlement Holiday: 15 & 16 August 2023

15-Aug-23 is a trading holiday on account of Independence Day. All Exchanges will be closed for the trading of Equity, Derivatives, Currency, and Debt segments. There will be no settlement of funds and securities on this day. 16-Aug-23 is a settlement holiday on account of Parsi New Year. The Currency Segment will be closed on this day for trading. However, other segments are open for Trading.

What this means for you:

You can place your Trades as usual. However, the settlement of funds/securities will be processed as detailed in the table below:

SegmentTrade placed onDate of Settlement
Derivatives (F&O)14-Aug17-Aug

Your credit balance for 16-Aug will not include the following:

SegmentAccount Balance Exclusions
EquityIntraday Profits made on 14-Aug
Derivatives (Equity F&O, Currency & Commodity)Credits Made From Trades Done On 14-Aug

Just so you know: Settlement holidays refer to days when markets (except the Currency segment) are open for trading but when Depositories and/or Banks are closed. Due to this, all trades done during that day will be settled on the next settlement cycle, as per the respective segments.

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