T+1 Settlement: October Update

As you all know, from Feb-22, NSE & BSE introduced the T+1 settlement cycle in the Cash Segment in a phased manner as per the SEBI guidelines.

W.e.f 28-Oct-22:

  • 4 more securities of NSE will be added into T+1 settlement
  • 470 more securities of BSE will be added into T+1 settlement
  • Important points for stocks under T+1 settlement in Cash segment:

  • The stocks traded will be settled on T+1 day. 
  • The MTF (Margin Trading Facility) Pledge Request must be authorized by 9:00 PM on T day for MTF funding.
  • Auction settlement (if any) will happen on T+2 day.
  • Please note: You will not be able to sell captioned shares on 28-Oct-22 that has been purchased on 27-Oct-22. You will be able to sell shares as usual only after 28-Oct-22.

    Refer: NSE Circular | BSE Circular | Overview of T+1 settlement

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