Settlement Holiday: 16-May

16-May-22 is a Settlement Holiday due to Buddha Pournima. Currency Segment will be closed on this day for trading. However, other segments are open for Trading.

What this means for you:

  • You can place your Trades as usual, however the settlement of funds/securities will be processed as detailed in the table below:
Segment Trade placed on Date of Settlement
Equity ( T+1 Settlement ) 13-May 17-May
Equity ( T+2 Settlement ) 13-May 18-May
Derivatives (F&O) 13-May 17-May
  • Your credit balance for 16-May will not include the following:
Segment Account Balance Exclusions
Equity (T+1 & T+2 Settlement) Intraday Profits made on 13-May
Derivatives (Equity F&O, Currency & Commodity) Credits Made From Trades Done On 13-May

Just so you know: Settlement holidays refer to days when markets (except Currency segment) are open for trading but when Depositories and/or Banks are closed. Due to this, all trades done during that day will be settled on next settlement cycle, as per the respective segments.

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