Rights Issue listing - July/August 2022

The company offers its shareholders the right to purchase its shares at a discount on a predetermined date known as the record date in a rights entitlement. 

Shareholders are granted rights entitlements by temporarily crediting their Demat accounts with RE, giving them the right to participate in a rights issue. Please note that these are Rights Entitlement and not rights shares.To get shares, you should apply at their respective Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) and convert RE into shares. Since RE are temporary in nature, they will cease to exist after the closure date, so execute your RE or sell it in the secondary market before the last trading date.

Here’s the listing for July/August 2022.

CompanyEx-dateRecord DateRI PriceRE Trading PeriodLast date to apply for Rights SharesWhere to apply for rights sharesCircular
Coastal Corporation Ltd.25-Aug26-AugRs 225 (On app Rs 56.25 pp)12-Sep29-SepASBABSE Circular
Tembo Global Industries Ltd. 8-Aug10-AugRs 10022-Aug to 29-Aug5-SepASBANSE Circular
KCL Infra Projects Ltd.5-Aug5-AugRs 2 (Re. 0.50 pp on app)22-Aug to 29-Aug5-SepASBABSE Circular
GG Engineering Ltd8-Aug10-AugRs. 1.8022-Aug to 01-Sep7-SepASBABSE Circular
Add-Shop E-Retail Ltd.05-Aug08-AugRs. 5417-Aug to 24-Aug30-AugASBABSE Circular
Mercury Metals Ltd.04-Aug04-AugRs. 316-Aug to 24-Aug30-AugASBABSE Circular
Banas Finance Ltd.23-Jun24-JunRs. 205-July To 14-July19-JulASBABSE circular
Maharashtra Corporation Ltd.08-Jul08-JulRe. 1 (On app, Re. 0.25 pp)19-July To 27-July2-Aug (extended 17-Aug)ASBABSE Circular
Swiss Military Consumer Goods Ltd. 21-Jul23-JulRs. 4.5010-Aug To 25-AugASBABSE Circular 
Gennex Laboratories Ltd.21-Jul22-JulRs. 6 (On app Rs 1.50 pp)05-Aug To 12-Aug19-AugASBABSE Circular 
PTC Industries Ltd. 21-Jul22-JulRs. 1003-Aug To12-AugASBABSE Circular
Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd.26-Jul27-JulRs. 1008-Aug To 23-Aug29-AugASBABSE Circular

Please note: The value of RE will be zero after the rights issue closure date.

  • RE Trading Period : Exchange will publish Notice normally 2 days prior to issue open date.
  • Where to apply for right issue :-  From the last few months to apply in the Right Issue Offer is Compulsory ASBA (Online/Offline). Recently RTA is not providing R-WAP (Registrar’s web-based application platform) facility of payment. Hence suggest you to update as ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount).

For more details on Rights Issue/Rights Entitlement, please click here. 

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