Rights Issue - December 2022

The company offers its shareholders the right to purchase its shares at a discount on a predetermined date known as the record date in a rights entitlement. 

Shareholders are granted Rights Entitlements (RE) by temporarily crediting their Demat accounts with RE, giving them the right to participate in a Rights Issue. Please note that these are Rights Entitlement and not Rights shares. To get the shares, you should apply at their respective Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) and convert RE into shares. You should keep in mind that RE is temporary and until you apply and pay the requisite amount, rights shares won’t be credited to your Demat account.

Here’s the listing for December 2022:

CompanyEx-dateRecord DateRI PriceRE Trading PeriodLast date to apply for Rights SharesWhere to apply for rights sharesCircular
RSWM Ltd16- Dec16- DecRs. 10023- Dec to 2- Jan6- JanASBABSE Circular
Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills Ltd.16- Dec16- DecRs. 1029- Dec to 6- Jan12- JanASBABSE Circular
Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.16- Dec16- DecRs. 19730- Dec to 13- Jan19- JanASBABSE Circular
Akg Exim Ltd.16- Dec16- DecRs. 1229- Dec to 19- Jan25- JanASBANSE Circular
Adcon Capital Services Ltd.2- Dec2- DecRe. 1(Rs.0.90 on app)9- Dec to 16- Dec23- DecASBABSE Circular
Roni Households Ltd.25- Nov25- NovRs. 709- Dec to 19- Dec23- DecASBABSE Circular
SMC Credits Ltd.25- Nov25- NovRs. 1012- Dec to 14- Dec19- DecASBABSE Circular
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.7- Nov8- NovRs. 41919- Dec to 3- Jan9- JanASBABSE Circular
Samor Reality Limited11- Nov11- NovRs. 2512- Dec to 23- Dec30- DecASBABSE Circular
Ajooni Biotech25- Nov25- NovRs. 67- Dec to 9- Dec15- DecASBANSE Circular
Rungta Irrigation Limited11- Nov11- NovRs. 11(Rs. 3 on app)9- Dec to 12- Dec15- DecASBABSE Circular
Integra Essentia Ltd17- Nov17- NovRs. 71- Dec to 8- Dec14- DecASBABSE Circular

Please note: The value of RE will be zero after the Rights Issue closure date.

RE Trading Period: The Exchange will publish a circular 2 days prior to the issue open date.

How to apply for Rights Issue: The Rights Issue offer is updated with ASBA (Application Supported Blocked Amount). 

  • For the online ASBA process, visit the website of a SCSB (Self-certified Syndicate Bank) and apply.
  • For the offline ASBA process, submit a physical application to participate in the Rights Issue at a designated SCSB. 
  • Here's a list of existing SCSBs.

    For more details on Rights Issue/Rights Entitlement, please refer to BSE FAQs

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