Revision in strike scheme of BANKNIFTY options

As per a recent NSE Circular, the Strike Scheme for BANKNIFTY options has been revised w.e.f 24- Mar -23.

Below is the Revision in Strike Scheme of BANKNIFTY options:

Index Particulars Existing Strike Interval ExistingNumber of strikesRevisedNumber of strikes
In the money- At the money- out of the moneyIn the money- At the money- out of the money
Nifty Bank Index All weekly and monthly expiries 10020-1-2025-1-25
500 (Including 500 strikes due to strike interval of 100)10-1-1012-1-12

The following additional points are to be noted:

  • Accordingly, all subsequent new weekly and monthly expiration contracts created from 23- Mar -23 (end of the day) will be based on the revised strike scheme in BANKNIFTY options.
  • All un-expired expiries created before 23- Mar -23 and available for trading after 24- Mar -23 will follow the revised strike scheme from 23- Mar -23 (end of the day).
  • There is no other change in contract specifications for the BANKNIFTY options.
  • Refer: NSE Circular

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