Revision in Quarterly & Monthly Settlement of Running Accounts

As per SEBI guidelines, Angel One needs to mandatorily settle any unutilized funds by transferring them to your bank account on a monthly/quarterly basis opted by you.

Below are the main points of SEBI’s guidelines:

  • If your trading account balance is more than zero on the settlement date, then the remaining funds post adjustment of the required margins and unsettled obligation will be credited to your bank account. 
  • If your trading account balance is more than zero on the settlement date and no transaction (trading activity) in 30 days, then the funds will be flushed out in a monthly settlement period.
  • With regard to the same, we would like to inform you that SEBI has revised the settlement timeline. W.ef. 01-Oct-2022, the mandatory settlement of any unutilized funds will take place on the first Friday of every month (if you have chosen monthly settlement) or on the first Friday of the next quarter (if you have opted for quarterly settlement). 

    Please refer to the table below to understand quarterly settlement dates. 

    Settlement Days
    1st Friday of July
    1st Friday of October
    1st Friday of January 
    1st Friday of April

    As this is the 2nd quarter of the year and the circular is effective from 01-Oct-2022, the first settlement post the said revision will take place on the 1st Friday of October 2022. 

    Kindly note that if Friday is a trading holiday, such settlement shall happen on the previous trading day.

    To know more about this revision in SEBI settlement dates, refer to the circular.

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