Revision in BANKNIFTY Options Weekly Contract Cycle

Members are hereby advised to note the following revision which shall be
implemented for trading in BANKNIFTY contracts. Below are the changes in the expiry day of the derivatives contract on BANKNIFTY:

Expiry DayCurrent Expiry DayRevised Expiry Day
Weekly ContractsThursday of every week excluding the expiry week of monthly contracts.1. All existing weekly contracts shall expire on Wednesday of every week (excluding the expiry week of monthly contracts)2. If Wednesday is a trading holiday, then the expiry day is the previous trading day.
Monthly & Quarterly ContractsLast Thursday of the expiry monthNo change in the expiry day

Important Instructions

  • Change of BANKNIFTY Options expiry day from existing THURSDAY to WEDNESDAY.
  • The above shall be effective from the trade date 04-Sep-23, Wednesday and accordingly, all existing contracts with Thursday expiry will be revised to Wednesday on 01-Sep-23 EOD.
  • The first Wednesday expiry will be on 06-Sep-23.
  • There is no change in the BANKNIFTY trading cycle i.e. it will continue to have 4 weekly expiration contracts (excluding monthly contracts), 3 monthly expiration contracts, and 3 quarterly expiries (March, June, Sept & Dec cycle). 
  • For other important instructions, please refer to the NSE Circular.

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