Revealed: New Identity of KAPASHI

Incorporated in the year 1985, Kapashi Commercial Limited was promoted by a highly qualified and established team of industrialists specializing in designing, manufacturing and the engineering business of iron and steel. Over the years they have diversified in the field of development and trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Recently, Kapashi Commercials Limited changed its name to Sera Investment and Finance India Limited.

As per a recent circular of BSE, the name and symbol of Kapashi Commercials Limited (Scrip code: 512399) will be changed as follows w.e.f 06-Jun-22.

Existing Symbol New Symbol Existing Name the of Company New Name of the Company
KAPASHI SERA Kapashi Commercials Limited Sera Investment and Finance Limited

Please take note of the change. Happy Trading!

Circular: BSE

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