Revealed: New Identity of INDOVATION

Incorporated in 1984 as Priyadarshini Threads Ltd., the company is engaged in the manufacturing of different types of threads including cotton sewing thread, embroidery thread, industrial thread, synthetic thread, cobler thread, bag closing thread, kite flying thread and other kinds of threads like double yarn, twist yarn, hosiery yarn, yarn made of cotton, manmade or other fibers, spinning and weaving mills and of spinners weavers, bleachers, dyers, printers and finishers of cotton, silk, wool, rayon, natural and synthetic fibers and fibrous substances of all kinds. The company became Indovation Technologies in 2012. Recently, Indovation Technologies Limited changed its name to Titan Intech Limited.

The change of name is reflected in the stock market as well with the change in name and symbol for trading on the exchanges. As per a recent circular of NSE, the name and symbol of Indovation Technologies Limited (Scrip Code: 521005) will be changed as follows w.e.f 17-May-22.

Please take note of the change. Happy Trading!

Circular: BSE

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