Preponement of expiry of Castor Seed Contracts (August 2022)

Due to the closure of the physical market at the basis center, Deesa on 18-Aug-2022, please find the revised timelines and margin for the Castor Seed Contracts for August 2022. 

  1. The contract will now expire on 17-Aug-22 as against 18-Aug-22
  2. The last trading day will be 17-Aug-22 and delivery intentions will be accepted till 9 pm on the same day
  3. The staggered delivery period shall commence from 10-Aug-22
  4. The pre-expiry margin of 1.50% per trading day incrementally shall be levied from the beginning of 05-Aug-22

For more details, refer to NCDEX Circular 1 | NCDEX Circular 2

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