Now Open: SGB 2020-21 – Series XI

Security SymbolIssue PeriodDate of AllotmentIssue Price per gram
SGB202111February 01 2021 - February 05, 2021February 09, 2021- Offline Bid: Rs 4,912
- Online Bid: Rs 4,862 (if you apply online and pay via digital mode)

The sovereign gold bond scheme is a Government of India undertaking that allows you to purchase gold on paper. This is an easy alternative for investors who want to invest in gold but don't want the hassle associated with purchasing gold in physical form.

Here are Top 5 Super Benefits that SGBs provide:

  1. No storage risk or cost
  2. No default risk
  3. No GST or STT
  4. Tradable on exchanges
  5. Can be used as Loan Collateral

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