New/ Enhanced features on the NXT platform!

New features on the NXT platform

  • MF Pledge approved list in NXT - The approved list of MFs is made available to the APs in the pledge option with the launch of MF Pledging choices, giving the APs clarity on why certain MFs in the portfolio are not available for pledging. Navigation Path: OCV>Pledge/Unpledge>MF Approved Pledge List
  • Multiple Non-Admin Logins - You can now create multiple non-admin logins and all clients mapped under you can be accessed by non-admin login. Non-admins can access all the client details and manage their employees. Navigation Path: My Business>User Management>My Employees>Promote
  • Contact Detail Updation Flow for APs- As per exchange guidelines, APs can modify mobile numbers and email IDs by downloading the form to update by signing it. After thorough scrutiny from the operations team, updation will be completed. Navigation Path: NXT>My Profile 
  • Client Onboarding Checklist - The Client Onboarding Checklist feature provides a streamlined process for managing and communicating action items to new clients. Also, it allows APs to track a checklist of essential actions, they need to communicate to new clients, add notes, and set reminders ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Navigation Path: Sales>Mis>Welcome Clients 
  • SEBI Upcoming Payout & Actual Payout on OCV- The Discussion Agenda in One Client view is now enhanced to support Upcoming Payout & Actual Payout. Now, APs can connect with their clients and make them invest their ledger balance if there is any amount in upcoming payout and if there is actual payment marked. Also, APs can suggest some good investment opportunities to get those funds back into the system again. Navigation Path: OCV>Discussion Agenda> Upcoming SEBI Payout and Actual SEBI Payout
  • Enhanced features on the NXT platform

  • Stock SIP MIS - APs can access the client list who have enrolled in Stock SIPs and the client-wise stock SIP details. Navigation Path:  Wealth product>Stock Sip
  • Financial Calendar for Client Statements - APs can share different client statements for their clients from the NXT platform by selecting client code, statements for predefined financial years, and date range to share the desired client statement. Navigation Path: Reports>Statement
  • Client Transfer Process Enhancements: Predefined financial years and custom date range is added as follows:
  • 1. To improve visibility, four columns have been added: Existing Branch, Existing Partner, Subtype (Traded and Non-Traded) (transfer quota dependent on this criterion), and Authorization Date. Navigation Path: Utilities>NOC Request> Incoming client request

    2. The Client transfer feature is enhanced to include the delivery logs. As client transfer is a time-bound activity, the APs wanted to get the delivery status and the logs to inform their clients on time. Navigation Path: Utilities>NOC>Delivery logs

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